2012 Volkswagen Touareg

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The 2012 Volkswagen Touareg shows the road ahead with advanced technology fuel savings, and a new driving experience premium. The second-generation 2012 Volkswagen Touareg is bigger yet as much as 350 pounds lighter more spacious, while closer to the ground, more luxurious and better equipped but has a starting MSRP of only $42,975 considerably lower than many rivals SUV medium size.

The range of models 2012 Volkswagen Touareg has the first supercharged gasoline hybrid world, packing the power of a V8 with the fuel efficiency of a V6, and speeds up to 30 mph, the zero emissions an electric car. And while other automakers decide whether to offer diesel propulsion systems for their trucks, the Touareg TDI ® Clean Diesel 2012 is already on the road, with an average of 28 mpg on the highway and covering over 700 miles on each tank of ultra-low sulfur diesel.

The 2012 Volkswagen Touareg was re-engineered and redesigned for the 2011 model year, the changes for 2012 are limited to new equipment packages and additional features. The VR6 and TDI Clean Diesel lines are now available with a new Touareg Sport with Navigation model that adds a sophisticated RNS 850 navigation system with a color touchscreen eight-inch, 60 GB hard drive and parking.

2012 Volkswagen Touareg Exterior

The2012 Volkswagen Touareg has always had a commanding presence on the street, thanks to its sleek profile and wide, dynamic stance. This aspect has been reinforced by the second generation model, which is low and even wider. It too, adding an extra 1.6 inches, and has a wheelbase 1.5 inches to provide more legroom in the back seat. In reshaping the Touareg, the Volkswagen design team set out to give the new SUV a sharper, sleeker, more aerodynamic look based on the new Volkswagen design DNA. This includes the horizontal front-end theme you see in the last Golf and Jetta, and ended in the Eos and the new Passat, and younger brother of the Touareg, the Tiguan 2012.

Key design elements that have also inspired the look of the Tiguan, include a narrower grille with chrome trim with twin face that connect seamlessly to new trapezoidal headlight housings. These feature a spectacular U-shaped ring of bright white LED daytime running lights, headlights with high intensity gas discharged Bi-Xenon. The horizontal theme continues in the most elegant, color front bumper body with large, U-shaped, air intake with chrome rings and large side intakes.

2012 Volkswagen Touareg Interior

The 2012 Volkswagen Touareg is a luxury. Witness leather optional’Vienna’in Black Anthracite, Cornsilk Beige or Brown saddle again. Or the elegant walnut wood accents. And the 620-watt sound system available 10-speaker hi-fi specialists Dynaudio ® Danes. It has never been so comfortable conquering the wilderness or maneuvering through busy city streets. Stretching the wheelbase has also made it easier to stretch your back. There is an extra 2.7 inches of the knee: a 40/60-split rear seat that can slide forward or backward by 6.3 inches and recline, there is no better vehicle to relax in a road trip.

Besides being able to carry five in comfort, the 2012 Volkswagen Touareg can also carry all your luggage. Press a button on the smart key fob remote to release the power tailgate lift and there is space behind the seats to swallow more than 32 cubic feet of cargo. Need more space? The backrest is split 40/20/40 with each section folding to offer a variety of possibilities freight. And with all sections folded, the Touareg can squeeze in an impressive 64 cubic feet of luggage. The 2012 Volkswagen Touareg offers the best workplaces. A new seat design offers more lateral and under-thigh support, along with up to 12-way power adjustment. And, for more interior comfort headroom in the front (and back) is improved.

Volkswagen instruments set the standard for simplicity and clarity, and the speedometer and tachometer oversized Touareg is no exception: the crisp, easy to read numbers, red needles, no clutter. And mounted between the spheres is a color seven-inch, high-resolution screen that provides the driver with the latest information on the status of the vehicle, including fuel capacity, turn by turn navigation, information transmission system in hybrid model, and more.

2012 Volkswagen Touareg Engines

The 2012 Volkswagen Touareg offers a choice of three highly advanced power trains each offers unique driving characteristics. The 3.6 liter V6 FSI ® engine gasoline is one of the most powerful that Volkswagen builds. With dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing and direct fuel injection, producing 280 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. Exceptionally quiet and refined, offers impressive acceleration off-the-line, strong mid-range response, with rapid overtaking and relaxed high-speed cruising safety.

Along with the eight-speed automatic transmission, which is standard on all 2012 Volkswagen Touareg models, the Touareg V6 FSI has seen real progress in fuel economy. The EPA estimated 23 mpg in combined city mpg highway/16 represents a 19 percent improvement over the previous model. Engine 3.0 liter turbo V6 powering the Touareg TDI ® Clean Diesel is recognized as one of the great engines of the world. It is the engine that powers the Touareg TDI of Rainer Zietlow and his team on the recent TDI-Panamericana Challenge, setting a new world record of 11 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes for the grueling 16,000 mile drive from Argentina to Alaska.

The  2012 Volkswagen Touareg powerful six-cylinder turbo produces 225 horsepower and a mighty 406 pounds-feet of torque from just 1,750 rpm. It also offers an EPA estimated 28 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg city. That means up to 728 miles of driving on a tank of ultra low sulfur clean diesel. To achieve its rating on 50-state emissions legal, catalytic converter NOx reduction, augmented by a special injection system that sprays AdBlue into the exhaust, helps reduce NOx emissions by 90 percent. This allows the engine complies with Tier 2, Bin 5/ULEV II standards imposed in all 50 USA states.

2012 Volkswagen Touareg Safety

The 2012 Volkswagen Touareg offers an impressive number of active and passive features to help keep the driver and passengers safe security. Passive safety features include six airbags, including Side Curtain Protection ® head airbags for front and rear occupants, and the units front and thorax for driver and front passenger. The line-up of active systems include a system of advanced rollover sensor that controls the steering angle and vehicle speed, which can help detect a possible rollover situation. If a rollover risk is determined is present, deploys the side curtain airbags to help reduce the risk of injury.

2012 Volkswagen Touareg

2012 Volkswagen Touareg