2013 Alfa Romeo Mito

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2013 Alfa Romeo Mito – The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a sporty three-door city car officially on 19 June 2008, the Castello in Milan, launched with an introduction to the International British Motor Show in 2008. The 2013 Alfa Romeo Mito’s all major markets in stages from July Alfa available. The 2013 Alfa Romeo Mito three-door hatchback with front-wheel drive and will be sold to the Mini and the new Audi A1 will make competition. Designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, is the design should be inspired by the 8C Completion. The 2013 Alfa Romeo Mito myth is based on the small platform used in Fiat Fiat Grande Punto, which is also used by Vauxhall Cors. The new 2013 Alfa Romeo Mito car has been provisionally named Junior. In 2007, a European competition launched in which the public the opportunity to name the car had. The winner of each country was an Alfa Romeo Spider and Alfa Romeo to make in a mountain bike. The winner was “furious” that scored well in Italy, France, Britain and Germany, but not in Spain.

The Greater Toronto Area, the sportiest version of the MiTo was announced in March 2009 Geneva Motor Show as a prototype. This version has a 1.75-liter turbocharged engine with direct injection and variable valve timing includes both intake and exhaust. The choice of engine size is very important – the 1750 line 4-cylinder DOHC Alfa Romeo is the largest in many years, and therefore estimated an association of Alfisti. Therefore, this step is especially sure to guarantee sales among fans. The maximum power is 240 hp. The MiTo GTA has a top speed of 250 mph and acceleration from zero to 100 km per hour in 5 seconds. The weight of the ATM is reduced by the use of carbon fiber rear spoiler and the roof panels and the mirrors. Aluminum is also used to reduce weight. The suspension is 20 mm, and lowered the active vehicle suspension.

In 2010, Alfa Romeo announced that there is a limited edition of 100 cars of the myths that circulate to produce at Maserati dealers in Europe. Maserati Mitos same movie version 125 kW as the exclusive Quadrifoglio Verde and Blu Oceano color. Kick plates and aluminum plaque HVAC controls in the car with Alfa Romeo Maserati. Cars are available as replacement vehicles for customer service Maserati, largely “Ferrari Dealers” versions of the Fiat Abarth 500 and 500 are used in context.

With the launch of the MiTo down scroll turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. In addition, a limited power of 79 bhp naturally aspirated version is produced to meet the new Italian legislation for young people. MiTo new electro-hydraulic engine valve control Multiair September 2009. MultiAir engines increase horsepower and torque, and a significant reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of particulates and NOx. The new engine with 105 hp, 135 hp and 170 hp.

All v2013 Alfa Romeo Mito ersions have Multiair start-stop system as standard. In October 2009 he published a version of the myth of dual-fuel, this version can run on LPG or petrol engine with the MiTo has run a range of 1200 km. The LPG version is produced in partnership with Landi Renzo.

In the summer of 2010 dual-clutch transmission called Alpha was released TCT dry. Model year 2011, the start-stop system as standard on all versions arrived. In the lobby of the 2013 Alfa Romeo Mito Frankfurt motor, two new engines for the MiTo 0.9L TwinAir line 2 and the new low-emissions version of the 1.3 JTD diesel engine introduced with 85 hp.

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