2013 Alfa Romeo Spider

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2013 Alfa Romeo Spider – The Alfa Romeo Spider is a roadster from the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo produced from 1966 to 1993. By many as a design classic, which remained in production for nearly three decades with minor mechanical and cosmetic changes. The first set of three met in Grugliasco by Pininfarina and the fourth series in San Giorgio Canavese. The spider was the last in April 1993 was also the last rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione produced was introduced. The 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider first presentation of the car was a prototype in the Turin Motor Show in 196th However ensured the continued success of existing models and the economic challenges faced by Italy at the time that the first pre-production version of the spider began to emerge from the production line by Pininfarina at the end of 1965.

Was based on the chassis of the 105-series Giulia Spider at the Geneva Motor Show in the 36th Launched in March 1966. Unnamed at launch, was the name “Duetto” is selected in a writing contest in Italy. The Italian company Pininfarina was responsible for the design of the body, in fact, the Duetto, the last project with which founder Battista “Pinin” Farina was personally associated. Martinengo Franco was the director of Pininfarina design at the time. Pininfarina were also responsible for the design of car body. The engine was a variant of the CC 1570 Alfa Romeo Twin Cam four-cylinder engine produces 81 kilowatts. Sparse mounted inside, but also a five-speed manual transmission, disc brakes and independent front suspension, the introductory price 2.195 million lire in Italy and its introduction into the United States was in 1967 the price was U.S. $ 3950, which was about $ 1,500 more a MGB.

2013 Alfa Romeo Spider, In 1970, the first significant change in the exterior design in the 1750 Spider Veloce has been introduced, amended the original distinctive round tail, a conventional tail docking of elongated shape, the so-called “comb tail” and improving the trunk. Many other small changes took place inside and outside, like a slightly different grille, new grips, a steeper windshield, hinged window pedals and improved interior.

Series 3 Spider was in North America for model year 1982 with the introduction of the 2.0-liter Bosch electronic fuel injection to replace the SPICA mechanical fuel injection seen. The style of the spider has undergone a major reform in 1983, which saw the introduction of black rubber front and rear bumpers. The front bumpers are the network and a soft rubber spoiler and little has been recorded in the log. Amendment changes the look of the car considerably and was not welcomed by fans everywhere. Many other minor mechanical and aesthetic were also made, and the car in 1600 was the “junior” name.

The 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider main change is that the mechanical spider injection Bosch Motronic electronic fuel was given with an electric blower. Externally, the Spider lost in defense of the rear wing spoiler and tailgate and took 164-style tail lights that extend across the width of the vehicle, as well as plastic bumpers the same color as the car. It also marks the first generation of this car with automatic transmission.

In North America, the style 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider changes not appear until model year 1991, 1990 models featured the Motronic fuel injection system, but kept the black bumper. Steering, upholstery and more knee-driver appeared as a standard for the spiders in the U.S. market that were available in two configurations: Spider Veloce and the spider. The 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider main differences are the standard features,  Veloce substituted leather style vinyl seat 15-inch alloy wheels are larger than the steel wheels with covers of standard air conditioning and an awning were the norm.

2013 Alfa Romeo Spider

2013 Alfa Romeo Spider