2013 Toyota Corolla

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2013 Toyota Corolla – The Toyota Corolla is one of a series of small cars and compact cars produced by Japanese automaker Toyota, which has become very popular in the world have introduced the label in 1966. In 1997, the Corolla became the best-selling album in the world with over 40 million units sold since 2007, thus surpassing the VW Beetle. In the past 40 years, a Corolla car has been sold on average every 40 seconds. The series has undergone some major renovations.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla is part of the tradition of the Toyota name with the name of the crown main models the crown, for example, takes its name from the Latin of the Crown, Corolla is Latin for small crown and Camry is an Anglicized pronunciation of Japanese the crown, kanmuri. A version called the Sprinter easily sold property on the Japanese domestic market, and sold in a vending machine to another sales channel in Japan, called Toyota 1966 Toyota car. It was founded in 2001 by the Allex, which was replaced in 2009 by the blade replaced.

There have been several models over the years, including the roof hatchback Corolla Ceres Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno sports coupes and sedans, and the Corolla FX, which was the Corolla RUNX, while the Sprinter was introduced ZZE128 Allex Corolla. The Runx Allex and was replaced by the Auris in 2006. A compact MPV named the Corolla Verso has been published in the European markets. Its Japanese counterpart is the Corolla Spacio, the 10th of the Generation has been discontinued. The Corolla Rumion in the U.S. market, sold as the Scion xB.

2013 Toyota Corolla is better known as the matrix is ??that the E120 and E140 acts platforms, and is regarded as the counterpart family sedan in North America Corolla sedan, the Corolla sedan n as European ‘is not sold there. Toyota frequently combines the sales of the Corolla sedan and Matrix. The Pontiac Vibe, the version of General Motors is on the Matrix, also shares the Corolla platform. The Pontiac Vibe was from Fremont, California, for the Japanese market, where Toyota Voltz exported badged. For many years there has been rebadged versions of the Corolla, sold by General Motors, including the 1980 Holden Nova of Australia and New Sprinter-based Chevrolet, Chevrolet Prizm, and Geo Prizm. The Toyota Corolla Liftback Australia was baptized as simply the T-18. The five-door Corolla Seca was sold with the name in Australia and the nameplate survived on successive five-door.

The U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 1998-2002 models rated as “acceptable” in 40 mph frontal offset crash test. The first models of 2003, a total of “good”, but received a “marginal” for the protection of the left foot injury. Reconstruction of December 2002, which sets up for the 2008 model year, the Corolla offers a “good” in all aspects of the test. Corolla models from 2005 to 2008 model year with optional side curtain air bags received an “acceptable” in side impact crash test, mainly due to a “marginal” rating in the design of the safety cell. Otherwise, the violation of protection for the driver and rear passengers all good, except for the protection of the pelvis injury for the driver who was “acceptable”. The model year from 2009 Corolla received with standard side curtain airbags a “good” in both frontal offset and side impact test.

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2013 Toyota Corolla Blue