2014 Alfa Romeo Spider

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The Alfa Romeo Spider is a car model from the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo , which was produced as roadster from 1966 to 1993 . In addition, 190 copies sold as 1994 models in the US market. The Alfa Romeo Spider is based on the chassis of Giulia 105 and was launched at the Motor Show in Geneva in 1966. At the launch the model had not yet been named, and the name “Duetto” was used by an Italian name competition. Pininfarina was behind bodywork designed and Duetto was the last project the company’s founder, Battista Farina , was personally involved in. Pininfarina was also behind the production of the platform, which was among the first constructed with so-called security zones. The engine was a 1570 cc variant of the Alfa Romeo Twin Cam motor with four cylinders and an output of 109 horsepower. The Alfa Romeo Spider was also equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox , disc brakes and independent front suspension, and the price at launch was 2,195,000 lire.

The original Duetto was in production from 1966 to 1967 , when it was replaced by 1750 Spider Veloce, equipped with a 118-horsepower version of the same engine with a displacement of 1779 cc. In Europe, the car was equipped with two carburetors , while the US market had mechanical fuel injection. The models were also different in suspension, brakes, electronics and deck, despite that the vehicle otherwise equal out. Visible differences were side mirrors, which were moved to the doors, and other insignia on the stern. During production was flashers front moved forward, and the car lost while Duetto name.

In 1968 was also a smaller model, called Spider 1300 Junior, launched with 89 horsepower. This lacked a number of features from 1750, including plastic moldings around headlamps, brake servo and rims. In 1970 was the first major change implemented by the car’s exterior, the 1750 model, where the original distinct, rounded stern was changed to a more conventional breeding, called Kamm-tail, which also ensured increased luggage space. A number of other minor changes and was simultaneously introduced, including a modified grille, new door handles, straighter windscreen, top-hinged pedals and improved interior.

Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce got a new and larger engine in 1971, with 1962 cc displacement and 132 horsepower, while the name was changed from 1750 Spider Veloce 2000 Spider Veloce. A year later, in 1600 Alfa Romeo Spider put into production again under the name Spider 1600 Junior, and was otherwise identical to the 1300 model. 1300 and 2000 models were again updated in 1974 and 1975 respectively, and were partly to two small seats behind the front seats, and thus became a “2 + 2” model. 1300 model was taken out of production in 1977, and between 1974 and 1976, bumpers stainless steel replaced with black, rubber-clad bumpers to meet strict US safety requirements.

In 1982, the previously used mechanical fuel injectors replaced with electronic injection from Bosch , and in 1983 the model was again updated. Now got all models black bumpers rubber, where the front bumper grille and included a small rubber spoiler was mounted on the trunk. A number of other mechanical and aesthetic changes were also implemented, and the 1600 model lost Junior in name.

The model Quadrifoglio Verdewas introduced in 1986 with a number of aesthetic changes, including side skirts, mirrors, new front and rear spoilers, integrated brake light in the rear spoiler and a removable hardtop as an option. Otherwise model mechanically identical to the standard model, with a 1962 cc engine with large double overhead camshafts and four cylinders and five-speed manual transmission. The interior was also upgraded, with new center console and new meters. From 1986-1989 was conducted several minor changes, including new paint colors and new flasher lever. Some 1988 models were equipped with automatic seat belts that were brought out from a unit mounted behind the front seats.

The last major change came in 1990 , and the main mechanical change was that Spider got Bosch Motronic electronic fuel injection with electric fan. Aesthetic lost model spoiler that was previously mounted under the front bumper, spoiler on the trunk disappeared and headlights were changed, while the bumpers were painted in body color. The model went out of production in 1993 , and a year later became the successor launched, also under the name Alfa Romeo Spider .

2014 Alfa Romeo Spider Wallpaper

2014 Alfa Romeo Spider Wallpaper