2014 Aston Martin DBS

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The 2014 Aston Martin DBS is a GT car produced by British manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda Limited from 1967 to 1972. The Aston Martin DBS was featured in the 1969 film of James Bond On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The new version, based largely on the Aston Martin DB9, appears in the 2006 film Casino Royale and the 2008 film Quantum of Solace.

Aston Martin DBS (1967-1972)

The Aston Martin DBS was developed as the successor of Aston Martin DB6, although both ran simultaneously for three years. Powered by a straight-six, was produced from 1967-1972, eventually being eliminated in favor of the Aston Martin Vantage. It was a larger than Aston Martin DB6 with four full size seats cut, but was powered by the same engine as the previous car 4.0 l. Claimed engine power was 282 horsepower (210 kW, 286 PS), but without specifying settings Weber carburetors replaced Italian motor new units produced by the original DBS UB, increased production to 325 hp ad power (242 kW, 330 PS).

The Aston Martin DBS was designed to have a more “modern” look than the previous model series  and grill collided fastback rear end style, atypical Astons is incorporated at the time, but then popular in circles of car design in the sixties. Aston design characteristics of the brand, as a hood scoop, Knock spoke wheels and side vents with stainless steel brightwork, however, were preserved. Aston Martin DBS is the last to be built under the supervision of David Brown.

Aston Martin DBS V8 (1969-1972)

In September 1969, the Aston Martin DBS has been made available with a V8 5340cc engine, this version is known as the DBS V8. At that time, it was the fastest production car in 4 places in the world. The new model was equipped with alloy wheels and ventilated brake discs. The automatic transmission has been proposed as an alternative to manual 5-speed transmission ZF. DBS V8 was produced until May 1972, after he was given a headlamp single afternoon and was renamed AM V8. The Aston Martin DBS was used by George Lazen by James Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Unlike previous Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5, no gimmicks were found in the car, other than mounting a telescopic sight gun in the glove compartment. In the final scenes of the film, Bond’s wife, Tracy, was shot while sitting in the car.

Another Aston Martin DBS also appears in a single scene in the upcoming James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever. It can be seen in the background when Bond talks to phone Q. Aston Martin DBS was used later in the series of short TV The Persuaders! (1971-1972), in which the character Lord Brett Sinclair Roger Moore drove a distinctive “Bahama Yellow” (orange / gold) DBS 6 cylinder through the use of alloy wheels and various badges, which had been made to look like DBS V8 model.

Aston Martin DBS V12 (2007-2012)

The Aston Martin DBS is based on the Aston Martin DB9. Built on the VH platform cars share their side screens roof and wheelbase of the DB9, but sits lower (25 mm) and large (40 mm) than the Aston Martin DB9. Visually, the front is dominated by the air intakes and cooling ducts recalls DBR9 race car, which help cool the six-liter V12 engine that would have been revised upwards to produce 510 horsepower (380 kW, 517 PS), £ 420·ft (569 N·m) of torque and a top speed of 191 mph (307 kmh). The back features a carbon fiber diffuser and an integrated rear spoiler. Other details include a manual six-speed transmission and a removable timer. A special helmet pod behind the driver’s seat is present at Casino Royale, but will not appear in the production version. The Aston Martin DBS also has an audio system Bang & Olufsen with assets of 13 optional speakers, including two tweeters with ALT (Acoustic Lens Technology)

2014 Aston Martin DBS Facelift

2014 Aston Martin DBS Facelift