2014 Ford Edge

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2014 Ford Edge have very comfortable interior, excellent access, and a model of 30 mpg turbo in lifting the 2014 Ford Edge crossover through the clutter. When the Ford Edge was originally founded, was the yin to the yang carlike crossover crossing rugged Explorer. But now, with a family vehicle explorer soft, versatile, we saw edge, a step towards greater elegance and city-savvy. Basically a family car ceiling height with ample interior space tech-connected and claw drive Fuel efficiency remains a good choice for small families or empty nesters who need a little more space.

Given the Explorer, Flex and 2014 Ford Edge, Ford now has four different crosses. Respectively with a style and a slightly different approach On the Edge is that a little more rounded in profile but dressed well, when it comes to the details. The Volkswagen style barbecue that begins in high hood line and low-according to the spoiler-is not one of the high points of the edge, in our opinion, but otherwise the design is a winner inside and outside, and with a mixture of sharp metal plates appealing contours. The cabin is about a guilt-free zone-get at least what are your thoughts on the MyFord Touch interface page. The improved cabin materials and soft look that Ford introduced in 2011, still stand up well today.

2014 Ford Edge base level, the edge moves vigorously with his 285-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission. The extensions sports a 3.7-liter that produces 305 horsepower and improved handling, while those who want better fuel economy, the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four capable of 240 hp. With it, the advantage of creating a line leading 30 mpg highway fuel economy. Overall, a perfect escape Explorer now connects the experience of five seats. 2014 Ford Edge faithful to the original, with smooth contours and surfaces by sharp edges here and there adds. The current version is not so different from the first-generation model, which threaded the streets of the model years 2006-2010, but it still looks pretty cool on the outside.

Except for the front. The massive grille takes up more space than before, from the full kamado hibachi in the span of a model year. VW Ford began with a front-end appearance here, extended, extending almost to the floor entrance of his broad chin. It stays clean a big challenge for the rest of the design, almost flat. In general, the advantage of very little has changed since the last renovation in 2011. The latest design has better interior materials, with soft-touch plastic and aesthetic fine with less blocky shapes

2014 Ford Edge has you for a performance with a choice of V-6 or turbocharged four-cylinder engines, as well as safe driving, no matter which model you choose is covered. A 285-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 is standard on the SE and SEL Edge is enough torque to take advantage of the six-speed automatic transmission is standard across the range edge, and the transmission is now equipped with sport shift modes. The base is to cross in order drivetrain, but was with the quick action throttle tip, which means that the sharp transitions from one end to even moderate acceleration, it can make city driving feel a little more abruptly created does what you need. All-wheel drive is provided by most of the range models available including base SE. The Edge and weighs more than 4,000 pounds, so if you are faced with regular winter, we would recommend the 200 kilos omits all-wheel-drive hardware. It is a burden for the acceleration and fuel consumption.

In the SE or SEL, for $995, you can have a turbo engine is smaller displacement and less powerful than the basis of six. With 240 horsepower, the EcoBoost four of the six-speed automatic, but has offered only with front-wheel drive. As long as you are not fully loaded, the edge feels almost as happy as V-6 models (which is at best a second slower to 60 mph, Ford says). And the big profits at the pump, where the turbo for low-end push has come off as energy losses are not as noticeable when the edge carries a passenger or two, Ford says it is only at most a second slower to 60 mph than the Edge V-6 engine. The increase comes at the gas pump, where four-cylinder revolutions EPA-rated 21/30 mpg.

The Edge is a five-passenger vehicle. No seats in the third row it’s in, and Ford leaves seven eight passengers duties to their large Flex and Explorer crossovers, the Expedition SUV. Since it is one of the largest cross-class-which means that the area of ??adult size, even in the back seat, even without the benefit of a sliding rear bench. There are plenty of headroom and legs around him. Ford is also molded into some useful storage in the margin. Bottle holders are found in all the doors, and there are all kinds of bags, trays and containers in the cab and a tray in front of the shift lever for media players.

Crash Test Results for 2014 Ford Edge not far from class leading, but its security is an integral whole. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety calls Edge a Top Safety Pick, with higher values ??of “good” in all categories, although in the federal test its four stars overall and three-star frontal rating are far from being a leader in this segment. Among the standard features are airbags and full length curtain stability control with hill start assist integrals, which keeps the blade from rolling backward at the stops. Stability system also factors in the Trailer Sway Control, F-150 Ford truck adapted shakes induced correct trailer loads.

You will not find inflatable rear seat belts Ford Explorer offers large, but there’s more here. Ford offers a blind spot monitoring system, a light flashes in the exterior mirrors when a car in the adjacent lane in sight, cross-traffic alert detects traffic approaching from the side to get the car back out of a parking. Adaptive cruise control and collision warning are options that use radar sensors to calculate the distance to the vehicle ahead and identify impending collisions.

2014 Ford Edge Wallpaper

2014 Ford Edge Wallpaper