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2014 Ford Mustang GT – Assuming that there’s one thing you might as well ponder the 2013 Ford Mustang GT Premium we simply had in for trying, its this: It does awesome burnouts. Out of this world, pillowy, marvelous burnouts. Besides it will do them over and over until the back tires are burned and the asphalt for all time defaced. At the same time when the shenanigans stop and the smoke clears, it makes more to the overhauled GT than simply blazing elastic. This 2014 Ford Mustang GT speaks for the final redesign the present era Mustangs will get until the remarkably expected all-new model drops in 2015, yet that doesn’t indicate that the 2013 is out of date.

2014 Mustang GT gets various overhauls, incorporating HID headlights, another front sash and hood with useful hotness extractors, scalloped taillights, Track Apps, and a minor knock in force for its 5.0-liter V-8. 2013 Ford Mustang GT Rear Three Quarter Our six-speed-manual-outfitted GT Premium tester felt legitimately brisk. Unlike American V-8s of yesteryear, this GT’s 5-0 affections swinging the needle north to its 6800 rpm redline, and however presumably unnecessary, the additional eight steeds are surely welcome. Nail the throttle in third while consolidating onto the road, upshift rapidly to fourth, and before you know it, you’re at triple-digit speeds. The six-speed manual is outfitted short and might be had with a 3.73 back end. The shifter itself offers fresh, brisk hurls, importuning you to wring out each ounce of force before moving.

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Our tester required simply 4.3 seconds to quicken from 0-60 mph a tick snappier than the final 2011 Mustang GT we tried. Besides, the 2014 Ford Mustang GT 0-60 time puts it solidly amidst the Mustang stable. While the creature 2014 Ford Mustang GT typically beats it by 0.8 second, the Boss 302 is just 0.3 second speedier. Alternately, that time tops the Mustang V-6 Performance Pack by a full second. With respect to the quarter mile, the 2013 Mustang GT needs a simple 12.7 seconds to do the deed at 111.1 mph. At the point that it came chance to clean the pace off, the Mustang did so dependably with no brake blur and zero dramatization, much appreciated in hefty part to the discretionary front Brembo brakes ($1695), which made pull it down from 60 mph in an amazing 107 feet. 2013 Ford Mustang GT Side In Motion 3 So while the 2013 Mustang GT is snappy in a straight line, it can in addition handle a corner or two. A large portion of the numbness we recognized in the Mustang V-6 Performance Pack was dialed out of the enormous kid GT. Controlling was direct and straight, and its faster controlling rack made it straightforward to place the auto in snappy, tight turns.

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Above all moves in the tight and winding gulch ways encompassing L.A. needed no more than 180 degrees of wind at the steerage, giving the auto a surprisingly snappy response time. 2014 Ford Mustang GT Front End In Motion After performing our figure-eight test, trying executive Kim Reynolds noted that the Mustang is “the sort of auto you need to snatch by the scruff of the neck and heave around,” and that doing so is very fun. The Mustang made it around the figure eight in 25.6 seconds at a normal of 0.68 g and pulled a best normal of 0.94 g on the skidpad.

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