2014 Honda CRV

October 8th, 2013 · Comments Closed · Honda

2014 Honda CRV – Some rumors have said that 2014 Honda CRV release date will be at the end of this year. You can discover the certified Honda to learn more about the 2014 Honda CRV Price merchants. There is no reason why you should miss eventually, when it comes to be high quality and relaxation that comes with Honda vehicles. This car is in a way, that they have given you more than you expected. We promise that we will update shortly after Honda announced 2014 Honda CRV release date. 2014 Honda CRV is probably in dealerships in the fall of 2013, and probably also expect a minimal price increase to the model remain competitive in the market. This basically means that the price is about $ 23,750 for the LX, $ 26,750 for the EX and $ 29.750 for the package to be version EX-L

Assuming that the Honda CRV have 2014 decided to equip the motor dreams earth of the Agreement, it will be a four-cylinder 2.4 -liter, will probably generate about 181 hp ( 185 against the model year, the 2013 version) with, but a little more torque at around £ 177 – foot ( against 163), the feeling from the state should the car faster. With the new engine in 2014 CRV should be more economical as well. A redesigned 2014 Honda CRV could also be a six-speed automatic transmission, the equivalent already in the year 2013 and comprises binding agreement to Acura RDX. The six-speed – would probably go more smoothly and allow for better fuel economy than Transmission Five -2013- version. While the Accord also offers a six-speed manual transmission with a four -cylinder engine, transmission, we do not expect there is enough market interest to justify the decision of the shift lever on the CRV.

2014 Honda CRV entry in a slightly different form from that of his predecessor. This is primarily a mild refresh of the model. The changes on a few external changes, especially with regard to the processing of the first and the back where we could lower panels new, revised headlights and taillights, and maybe see a more aggressive looking grille focus. Basically the car has comfort and safety while driving maintain the quality that has never been called into question in the Honda.

2014 Honda CRV Redesign

2014 Honda CRV Redesign

Concerns in relation to the interior, it can expect a significant update. Some of our general expectation is that is a little richer within 2014 Honda CRV. It is mainly the quality of the materials in the dashboard and seats change. Although the CRV this year looks very good and has a lot of material, even in the basic version, but you can expect that 2014 model will likely be material. Unofficially, the new CRV compatibility with Siri voice control ” virtual assistant ” on Apple iPhones in the current generation that will surely inspire all iPhone users could be functional.