2014 Honda Fit

October 9th, 2013 · Comments Closed · Honda

2014 Honda Fit is one of the manufacturer at the Tokyo Motor Show attractions 22 November 2013 be started. The very fuel efficient 2014 Honda Fit will be produced in Mexico. The new Fit has a wheelbase 2.4 inches longer and therefore have a spacious cabin than the current model. However, the increased wheelbase is really no influence on the length and the 2014 Honda Fit will not be more than 14 meters. 2014 Honda Fit come with a diamond-shaped rear light has come, and shoes, 15 cft, offer a more cubic feet of space. The new car will also get integrated triangular reflectors in the bumper. The car borrows many design elements of the urban SUV concept that was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show 2013.

To meet the demand of reducing fuel consumption and emissions, the Fit in Japan, the hybrid version, his name their star EV. In addition to the 4- cylinder 1.5 announced, fueling the car could be a new three-cylinder petrol engine, which could stretch a gallon of gasoline up to 80 miles.

As I said, the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. production of its 2014 model Honda Fitt for the U.S. market is transferred from its plant in Japan to Mexico in 2014. Honda planning to launch its third plant in Mexico in 2014, a plant in the central state of Guanajuato is that the capacity to produce 200,000 units per year to open. The automaker, which has two plants in Mexico, is planning the next version of very fuel efficient than Honda Fit Jazz 2014 to be sold in some European markets in the country.

2014 Honda Fit is capable of a sensor that detects the altar in its path. If the 2014 Honda Fit comes attached to a collision to sounds and lights turnaround on adapting familiar to pilots. Even if the discipline of any of the brakes, the vehicle is automatically packaged by the system. Besides the arrangement adeptness blocked bursts of unintended acceleration.

2014 Honda Fit Jazz

2014 Honda Fit Jazz

As for the engine 2014 Honda Fit is a four – cylinder 1.5 – liter four-cylinder with its 117 hp, and a 3 -cylinder gasoline engine, agreed to absorb 80 miles a gallon of gasoline. The Japanese automaker wants to shorten aswell on the Honda Fit 2014 adaptation of amalgam fit an appeal to the combustion and emissions. 2014 Honda Fit can be ordered both five-speed automatic transmission and acceptable chiral chiral five-speed gearbox. Honda Fit will be produced in Mexico since 2014, we can expect a lower price approximately $ 15,000.