2014 Honda Odyssey

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2014 Honda Odyssey – Honda took the mid-life update of the best and best-selling minivan in the industry to add a burst of technical aids for the driver. However, the most striking feature is empty. It is in the cargo area, which brings in all foods and other junk that integrates the actions of the occupants during clean on their way. The vacuum function will be set to the high-end 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite, buyers back around $ 45,000 when it goes on sale to ship this summer. Honda was for the moment, whether it will be available in cheaper random walks that start around $ 30,000. Honda Odyssey reveals the New York International Auto Show, on Friday 29 March to 7 April.

If you can not get over the image of soccer mom, the most economical way, minivans, compact to seven or eight people carry around with them. The Odyssey is a solid highway cruiser with driver aids bonus and advanced infotainment. Car enthusiasts appreciate the cylinder stop for fuel economy and active noise cancellation. On the 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite at least you get a variety of standard features such as lane departure warning, the death spot detection, rearview camera and parking sonar and Forward Collision Warning. Honda does not offer the innovative Lane Watch Camera passenger side of the Honda Accord since the detection of the blind spot for both parties is a higher level of technology, a camera to the side. The infotainment system offers Honda link Harman Aha, an integrator of online music and Pandora, both through your smartphone. Kerry McClure, a Honda engineer responsible for R & D, says it is extensible, so that when a new request arrives, it can be integrated with the delivery of the vehicle. No need to buy a new car. Honda also link reads Twitter feed and Facebook upates.

2014 Honda Odyssey is as good as it gets on board for long distance cruising with a maximum of eight people. The current fourth generation Honda Odyssey came in 2011, and we were one of the ten best cars in tech this year for its effectiveness passenger – transport. While there are some omissions Honda technology in 2014 Honda Odyssey refresh have addressed, including the lack of adaptive cruise control. McClure said that the car in front collision warning has warned last resort of the ACC, and it is not clear to passengers waiting in ACC mid-range cars. We suspect the $ 1.600 Stop -and-go at the CAC just started Chevrolet Impala is a revolutionary product, convince the industry to move to the mid-market ACC.

Technology failures minors a USB port with eight passengers, unable to an iPad via the socket load sharing only and without security cooler. Tech and security advantages are a structural reform, the 2014 to it to the front offset crash test strict U.S., more aluminum components to reduce weight and moving LED taillights would the Honda Odyssey. The single ultra – wide 16.2 – inch rear DVD entertainment system relies on the Touring Elite model allows it to play two programs side by side, or from the DVD player, HDMI input or RCA input.

2014 Honda Odyssey empty officially known HondaVac was built in collaboration with Shop Vac. It works up to eight minutes, as the vehicle is turned off is longer, when the engine is running. The motor and the basket for the collection of debris in the internal partition wall behind the right wheel on the left side. To store the pipe and accessories in when nothing is visible when it is saved. Honda says it’s a dry vac that if someone spilled soda, it could not suck means with HondaVac. The pipe lengths in the front legs, a dozen meters. In the demonstrations, the device was quieter than most vacuum systems available. How it should be: Honda guilt “several hundred Euros ” of components and value HondaVac.

2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

Honda will detail what the 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite “must be offered on the following lines finish. A knock on the Honda Odyssey in the past is that if you the options that, in the medium price segment are more desirable cars that can to run it, get that chain. embedded for navigation, you have the model $ 38,000 or about $ 8,000 more than the entry-level 2014 Honda Odyssey.