2014 Honda Ridgeline

October 18th, 2013 · Comments Closed · Honda

2014 Honda Ridgeline – Honda stands firm in the U.S.A market in recent years. Therefore, it is expected that in 2014 Honda Ridgeline introduction of new vehicle models and again a top leader of the top-selling car in the U.S.A under the new vehicles to be gamma Honda Ridgeline 2014 expected. If you search on the net, you will find very little information about the 2014 Honda Ridgeline, and it will show you how to customize the car is Honda first. But never the less, there are few reliable sources to give the information.

Before we begin, we must say that the 2014 Honda Ridgeline a kind redesigned car, not a new car model. Honda will continue to call this car ” Ridgeline “. The characteristics of this car will be no different than its predecessor in 2013. It will use 3.5-liter V6 engine produces 250 hp and TEC 6000 RPM and its reservoir is up to 22 gallons. Six automatic and manual step motor 2014 Honda Ridgeline will be combined with two types of transmission. Energy efficiency for standard versions of the car will be a small problem for the buyers because it consume a lot of fuel, but the other had the hybrid version will be extremely economical. Here are some details on 2014 Honda Ridgeline, if you are looking for more details about them. The new style of 2014 Honda Ridgeline will have a new style will be different with the old edition, although the concept of update is not officially accepted until now. It is quite difficult to find official information about this car online. Therefore, there are some effective ways to discover all the details about 2014 Honda Ridgeline.

Honda is likely to continue to use the name ” Ridgeline ” style for the year 2014. In addition to the strategy update, there is not much to change, you discover that Honda Ridgeline in 2014. Need 2014 style are perhaps not too different from the issue of 2013. It can still 3.5 L VTEC engine and 6 OHC gas tank of 22.0 gallons. With this engine, the car can produce power up to 250 hp and 5700 rpm. For transmission, there is a small chance for Honda to update the transfer. If this is the case in 2014 Honda Ridgeline with 6 signals, two possibilities come automatic switching from industry.

The design of the 2014 Honda Ridgeline will be made with a lot of changes to the exterior and interior. Outside of the car will be equipped with a large and – State of the art lights and tail lights and have three colors: white, black, and brown. This can be seen in the pictures of the car. Inside the car is done with a lot of luxury and the car will surprise you with its friendly big rush to research that will be displayed. Places are sheeted with fine quality materials and research and new Honda Ridgeline 5 May take adults. This means that the car is very spacious. New Honda Ridgeline will be available to the buyer in five different versions. It will be Honda Ridgeline RT version, Sport, RTS and RTL and new 2014 Honda Ridgeline Honda hybrid version in 2014.

2014 Honda Ridgeline Release

2014 Honda Ridgeline Release

According to some estimates, the price of 2014 Honda Ridgeline between $ 32,000 and $ 37,000 will be. But if you want to get this car and enjoy driving, you must wait until the first or look at them with some spy photos of the prototype on the Internet.