2014 Hyundai Accent

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2014 Hyundai Accent – Hyundai Accent received complete overhaul in 2013, and with this redesign, it was much more competitive. It is bigger than ever and comes with more devices than ever before. As a result, we get 2014 Hyundai Accent, which can compete alongside many other cars of the competition. Versus most of its competitors – including the Fiesta, Fit, Versa, Chevy Sonic and Toyota Yaris, the Accent has an advantage style, assuming that we are we talking about the five-door. While the four-door is fine, maybe a little simple, five-door nails it, mixing the usual sedan profile with instructions and details that Hyundai must first real design statement. cab design, it is even better, with beautiful low-gloss plastics and controls are optimized to give the Accent together more presence you’d expect for the price.

Acceleration, ride and handling of the 2013 Accent are the same for this type of car. But thanks to a fuel – stingy with direct injection engine, it achieves a target of 38 mpg highway for all models, regardless of whether the light version or own clutch – Shifting, Sports – outdated automatic selection. In terms of actual passenger inside the Accent for a great little car. The Honda Fit has more space and more versatility, but even tall passengers will be able to find enough legroom and head in the front seats. Hatchbacks have about 8 cubic feet of storage space, but both have great accents glove boxes and boxes and smartphones bowls, energy drinks and free change. All airbags and electronic models are available in the Accent, although no official safety scores are in. Accent deserves respect with standard stability control and curtain airbags. We consider Bluetooth a safety device, and it is available or standard on two of the three accent trim – and it is recommended. The Accent does not offer a rear-view camera, however. The IIHS There are high marks for protection against front and rear shocks, but only a quality acceptable for side impacts – and qualities computer NHTSA four-star general, noting that the rear door meets a standard four stars, but penetrate usual.

This is also how the leather interior and navigation systems for the competition, but the Accent GLS sedan with the basic safety equipment and tilt control – manage without air conditioning and without audio. They are in packets along with a USB port, functions and satellite radio power. The base Accent GS Hatchback has more features than the price – in sedan and SE combines most of the features of the standard, while peaking at just under $ 17,000 without destination. It is not the cheapest new car you can buy – the Hyundai Accent is one, much better story than that. One by one, a whole generation of Hyundai bland, somewhat revolutionary derivatives with those who are brave and resourceful designs, replaced by a single direction of distinctive design.

The 2014 Hyundai Accent dynamic plate has an equal chance in the Accent is remarkably well equipped interior. Cap dashboard mat evokes the sensation of carbon fiber, with a large boomerang-shaped lines in it. The simplest controls in the center console is not as beautiful as the Elantra, but avoids the look fashion-victim slant of the Ford Fiesta, and it leaves a lot of room for lap top riders. Some passages of hard, glossy black plastic living on low extended doors and center console, but it is remarkable to see how it worked entry-level car feels very well. In 2013 Accent offers a series of benchmarks class at a time, through an economic engine with direct injection and 38 mpg highway for the entire training. But it is not the fastest or most athletic performer in its class, and tell us, the driving experience is only a couple of small cars with high mileage.

2014 Hyundai Accent Sedan

2014 Hyundai Accent Sedan

Go panels of specifications, the four-cylinder 1.6-liter is a best-in-class 138 horsepower and a respectable 123 pounds-feet of torque, acceleration, but is on average zero to 60 times more not fast than approximately ten seconds. Rev above 3500 rpm and you can get a little more, but it feels forced with more than two people on board.