2014 Infiniti Q50

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Infiniti says the 2014 Infiniti Q50, which replaces its G37 sport sedan ever. That may be, but for better or for worse, do not remember the new Q50, this claim, but one of the first cars with the ability to be almost independent driven. Involved with any assistance available electronic drive, it is possible the car in a straight line from the highway miles drive with both hands on the wheel and pedals, not Infiniti recommends that you do. When you consider the ability to progress or the beginning of the end of the driving pleasure make depends on your perspective. Also among the staff of Automobile Magazine, opinions widely on this topic. Infiniti said that the driving aids, the majority of which are optional at extra cost can all be disabled with the touch of a button.

Aside from electronics, what we have here, with 2014 Infiniti Q50 is not so much a new G37 sports sedan than rebodied and refreshed. The Q50 sedan still equipped on the FM platform and is familiar with the same 3.7-liter V-6 that powered with the same seven-speed automatic transmission. Infiniti does not offer a manual transmission, although the product planners say they are lobbying for a reason, of course, you can at the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, otherwise the new Lexus IS. Do not hold your breath, we say. Hybrid powertrain of the Infiniti M sedan, consisting of a 3.5-liter V-6 and lithium – ion battery is newly available hybrid – Q50, which provides urban / extra-urban / combined EPA fuel economy numbers of 20 29/36/31 / 30/23 mpg mpg against the standard car. We have not driven the hybrid, but will soon. Equipment options for the Q50 is 3.7, the 3.7 and the 3.7 Premium Sport, all-wheel drive is optional on all models, including hybrid Q50.

The G37 continues for a transitional period as a price leader model, which means that the price does go down. 2013 base price of the G37 is $ 650 more than in 2014 Infiniti Q50, so that the old Infiniti will compete with the $ 30,825 Mercedes -Benz CLA250 until the Japanese brand gets a smaller car -wheel drive for yourself. This concession to dealers stool requests Infiniti brand with an old badge as for the consumers to the new naming protocol that all cars have a prefix “Q” followed by numbers and all the crossovers and acclimate tries SUVs have a ” QX ” – prefix. Cover the previous two G37 doors also remain, however, to the confusion, take on new names Q60 Q60 coupe and convertible in 2014. The numbers in the new Infiniti names have nothing to do with displacement, which are indicated by wing badge.

2014 Infiniti Q50 is slightly lower and longer than the G37 and about two inches wide, and it goes on the same 112.2 -inch wheelbase. Seventeen -inch all-season tires Bridgestone Runflat are standard, while the optional Sport and Premium trim offers nineteen -inch all-season or summer tires Dunlop. If Q50 car debuted at the Detroit last January, he saw how he over -styled shot under bright lights display. Now we drove in real life, we love instead. The exterior, made ​​in Japan in the studio by a dedicated Nissan Infiniti design with a full LED lighting in the front and LED lamps, especially in the back ( rear only flash and the registration plate with incandescent lamps ).

Overall, the interior is up to 3 cubic meters to 102 cubic meters, which caused a little more on the head and shoulders. Cabin of our testers cream color with a black line and cut dark maple, was comfortable and elegant, but six feet in the back seat brushed their noggins against the headliner. Cargo is unchanged at 13.5 cubic feet, and the rear seatbacks fold forward slightly to create a nearly flat surface. We found the load of a heavy bike, since neither the parent nor the opening to the interior is great. The hybrid Q50 fixed rear seats because the battery is located behind and under the seats and luggage space is reduced with only 9.4 cubic meters.

Like to emphasize that the electronic management of the dance, the 2014 Infiniti Q50 InTouch system has two large touch screens. The top screen is a classic navigation, climate and audio display is controlled by a button on the center console or the finger. The bottom touch screen operated only presents a bewildering array of programmable functions, and this is where you can optimize the various driver assistance systems. A center console switch allows you to quickly choose from your pre-programmed configurations. Try as we might, we could slip a finger or our way to a submenu, the loud beep stop allowed us, when we locked the car with the key fob. It may be there, but good luck finding it. That is, InTouch easier to use than the Cadillac CUE system.

If a dynamic parameter characterizes the 2014 Infiniti Q50, it is the direction, both for the steer- by-wire technology and brought it to his leading role in the behavior of driver – assistance systems. World’s first Infiniti Direct adaptive control actually has no physical connection only with electronic control devices (and an electric clutch back on the steering shaft ) between the wheel and the front wheels of Q50. Coordinated with the help of the much-vaunted Infiniti Red Bull Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel ‘s, Adaptive Steering Direct also offers a choice of four different answers and effort combinations. Since many of these systems, the choice of the driver, but does not seem to be the ideal place. “Setting hard / fast felt like the proverbial wet cement,” said Chief Editor Todd Lassa after driving the 2014 Infiniti Q50 house ” and the light-feel/casual frame, it is supercharged, and easy to stomach when you see him quickly, large inputs. ”

In theory, the steer- by-wire technology engineers infinitely management, planners and Infiniti products allusion to the fact that a package of services tailored special Vettel could be in the works to refine. Due to his efforts to fly Direct adaptive tuning so far, maybe Seb F1 garages should remain, because in its current iteration, the steering feels artificially separated, and even unpredictable. Driver makes with the Q50 has not management – communication light that we see so often today. This is nothing more likely that owners do not get used, but it feels downright strange at first.

You press a button on the steering wheel and car -shaped icon in the driver information system screen turns green and shows that all driver assistance systems are turned on. They drive on the highway, turn on the radar cruise control, you are on a straight stretch of road with little traffic, and you remove your hands from the wheel. The Q50 followed by relatively simple in nature, but if the car inevitably turns to one side of the road, you get a beep and a slight correction to the effective management to prevent the wheels from the road markings. If the road is relatively simple, you can keep a hands-free position for miles on end, like the Q50 camera can still read the road markings.

Although Infiniti has kept the old G37 sedan for the price-conscious buyers, the Infiniti Q50 of 3.7 entry point in 2014, a relatively modest $ 37 605, but at this price you will get cushion vinyl, not leather, which is a $ 1,000 – option on the 3.7 Premium Q50. The cheapest model with all-wheel drive starts at $ 39,405, and prices rise rapidly from there. Our fully optioned 2014 Infiniti Q50 Sport 3.7 AWD stickered for $ 53,605, including a $ 1,400 navigation package, a $ 3,100 luxury tour package that includes direct adaptive steering, and a $ 3,200 technology package, which control the the intersection includes active line. Infiniti is entering a new era, what with moving its headquarters from Japan to Hong Kong last year. Itself through the sale of Formula 1, and the revision of the nomenclature of the model to emulate conventions with which the Germans as he strives for the competition 2014 Q50 looks good, seems to be very well built, and is likely to be very reliable.

2014 Infiniti Q50 Black Edition

2014 Infiniti Q50 Black Edition