2014 Lamborghini Egoista

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The concept 2014 Lamborghini Egoista is as inflexible and exclusive as any vehicle can have. Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini , Egoista pushes the limits for a car manufacturer and is known for building some of the fastest and most extravagant in the world of sports cars. Also surprisingly orange glosses alloy wheels not to mention orange car Egoista most striking feature is the single-seater cockpit. Finished in bright orange , of course , the car is completely customized for the driver and can be removed from the rest of the car. A harness racing driver keeps up when playing the main instrument is a HUD similar to those used in fighter aircraft.

The inspiration for the interior of the Apache helicopters crazy wine that can drive the car in an emergency . Lamborghini seems to have chosen not to include a selfish eject function , however. ” The pilot, fully carbon fiber and aluminum , is a type of cell survival, which allows the driver to isolate and protect against the elements ,” said Walter De Silva, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen Group.

The 2014 Lamborghini Egoista outdoor parking is designed to look like a bull ready to charge , with the head and horns to the ground . Active aerodynamic aids include a wide variety of covers that open and close , “according to the driving conditions ,” according to Lamborghini. The rear body Augusta 2014 Lamborghini minimized in order to reduce weight and look 600 – selfish power , mid-mounted 5.2-liter V – 10 . Lamborghini sprayed a variety of lights, such as those used in aircraft , outside of an extra dose of designing aviation influence. The headlights are hidden in the front air intakes, where the sides and the center of the body are.

2014 Lamborghini Egoista Redesign

2014 Lamborghini Egoista Redesign

If 2014 Lamborghini Egoista reaches production, we expect the price to stretch into the millions . Earlier this year , Lamborghini released the Venom supercar to celebrate the milestone birthday of the company. Revealed at the annual Geneva Motor Show , the cost of poison based Aventador about 4 million copies . Be built only four examples of poison, including the Geneva Motor Show, and each of them has already found a buyer for the 2014 Lamborghini Egoista.