2014 Mercedes-Benz S550

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2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 – 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 is a grand tourer manufactured by Mercedes since 1954. SL name comes from the German Sport Leicht or Sport Light, and was first applied “Gullwing” 300SL Gullwing his name or upward-opening doors. The term 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550. For changes in the marketing of the vehicle, including the design of many engine settings, including five generations. The 300SL roadster succeeded the Gullwing 1957th The 4-cylinder 190SL was more widely produced with 25,881 units, starting in 1955. Open Car SL-Class coupe with a removable hardtop or as a roadster with soft top or with both peaks. Production for the 190SL and 300SL ended in 1963.

In 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550, a new design was mechanically connected to a 2.3L six-cylinder fuel injection. He had top a low waist and large arched windows greenhouse, and a roadster coupe with removable hardtop, whose distinctive pagoda roof nicknamed. The design is by Paul Bracq. Around 1967 the engine received a displacement increase and the model became known as the 250SL. In one year, the engine has been increased for the last time and was the 280SL model name. Since the later 250SL changes were made to the panels, switches and buttons, made pocket doors and steering wheel. In addition, covering the Mercedes-Benz S550 2014 center wheel covers, and separate front collar the complete wheel. The SL is a facelift in 2008 with a new front, which evokes the classic 300SL with a large grille with a prominent three-star and two domes “power” in the hood, the car Light also features new headlights with an optional “Intelligent system “and the speed-sensitive steering again.

Mercedes-Benz, the new SL-Class and was officially launched on Salon International de l’Automobile, established in January 2012 to life. The new SL is first made almost entirely of aluminum. 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 aluminum body weighs around 110 pounds less than the use of new steel technology of its predecessor. Although the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has assistance systems on board than its predecessor and therefore actually saved to sacrifice some of the weight of the aluminum body, which show better scaled figures, the SL 500 weighs about 125 pounds less and 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 is 140 kg lighter than its predecessor.

New features include 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 System remains the only clean bass adjustment and windshield wash control system image MAGIC. The water from the wiper blade if necessary and depending on the direction of scanning 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 is also available with two different suspension systems: adjustable semi-active dampers standard. 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 System ABC active suspension option available as an alternative. Both versions of the suspension are combined with a new address directly from the electromechanical steering with speed-dependent and a ratio that can be changed by the steering angle and reduces the amount of steering effort required when parking and maneuvering.

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2014 Mercedes Benz s550 Concepts

2014 Mercedes Benz s550 Concepts