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2014 Seat Ibiza – The spick-and-span 2014 Seat Ibiza Cupra stands for the importance of the 2014 Seat Ibiza name like nothing else style. With its compact dimensions and high level of capability, the new Ibiza Cupra delivers sporting potency for every day, among associate degree fully spectacular set of figures. From a standing begin, the 2014 Seat Ibiza completes the sprint to at least one HUNDRED km/h in merely half dozen.9 seconds and takes place to a high speed of 228 km/h, creating the SEAT Ibiza Cupra among the foremost spirited styles in its category. with reference to performance, the new Cupra is even far better than the previous style, as is its already exceptional performance: Its average fuel usage stands at merely five.9 litres/100 metric linear unit, its dioxide exhausts at 139 grams every kilometre.

The new 2014 Seat Ibiza Cupra takes a preparation existing excellence story to a full new degree. The initial generation was launched in 1997, since once the extremely spirited Cupra styles have established to return to be a picture of the SEAT name. Cupra represents Cup sport, and also the exclusive piece of writing is reserved strictly for the complete name’s sportiest styles. The 2014 Seat Ibiza Cupra includes 132 power unit a hundred and eighty horsepower of output, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission DSG, XDS electronic differential lock, superior brakes – this extraordinary degree of technological competency is the maximum amount a given for the new Ibiza Cupra because the sizeable tools as well as a number of spectacular details. One example is that the optional  2014 Seat Ibiza moveable Device, that integrates the navigation and residential diversion functions, and may be removed for mobile use.

“The Ibiza Cupra may be a true image of the SEAT complete. Its sensational vogue and superior dynamics promise outright steering fun metric linear unit once kilometre,” claims James John Muir, President of 2014 Seat Ibiza, S.A. “With its spectacular innovations, premium within and any increased top of the range, the spick-and-span Ibiza Cupra clearly reveals the speed and backbone with that our complete is developing.”. The spectacular vogue shows the flashy temperament of the spick-and-span SEAT Ibiza Cupra within the starting glimpse. The three-door coupé features a muscular and extremely effective position, whereas the upgraded confront with its wide grille and really powerful air intakes includes focus to the car’s breadth and solidity – and offers a particularly noticeable sign of the Ibiza Cupra’s superb performance.

The angular line of the headlamps is traditional of the spick-and-span SEAT style language, whereas appropriate utterly into the Ibiza’s sculptural sort. The bi-xenon lights area unit basic tools and their advanced style provides a transparent sight of the main focus on info that’s standard apply at 2014 Seat Ibiza. The junction rectifier daytime running lightweights get the road of the headlamps to deliver a definite light trademark, just like the rear lights, that additionally feature junction rectifier innovation. From a technical perspective, the bi-xenon headlamps give nice illumination of the road ahead. The cornering lights area unit incorporated into the sizable fog lamps.

The aspect of the colourful compact automobile is born to by its sharp lines and sides. The accentuated back shoulders and also the exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels emphasise the trendy look. The black gloss outside mirrors established a transparent comparison to the paintwork of the 2014 Seat Ibiza. The Ibiza Cupra likewise comes as common with coloured aspect windows. At the muscular back aspect, an intensive bumper frameworks the sizeable, matt-black diffuser with the quadrangle pipage fairing. The Cupra piece of writing and brand on the rear hatch may be a assured statement of the special operate contend by the compact sports automobile because the new normal in its course.

The 2014 Seat Ibiza involves market with a very spick-and-span amusement system. And additionally being late re-designed with a transparent program for straightforward, intuitive operation, the effective sound mechanism will be complemented by the fashionable  SEAT moveable System. The implausibly economical remedy with a touch-sensitive, 5-inch show is utterly incorporated into the motorcar electronic devices system – and at the exact same time, easy to urge eliminate at any moment for mobile use in one basic step. At the front the 2014 Seat Ibiza Fr combines sharp creases, large air vents associate degreed a special front bumper to supply an air of refined aggression. sadly its rump is instead plain, parturition no over a collection of chromed exhausts and an exact Fr badge. there is not even a spoiler at the spine; one thing i assumed was a vital today.

2014 Seat Ibiza Wheels

2014 Seat Ibiza

There area unit many different enhancements to assist it stand except for the run-of-the-mine styles. The silver door mirrors area unit associate degree Fr trademark thus 2014 Seat Ibiza spotters can quickly apprehend what you are steering, whereas a collection of 17-inch ‘Aera’ alloys area unit situated below the wheel arches. The last grow is that the beautiful ‘Rate’ blue metal paintwork, either shades on the market from Seat’s custom-built combination a 560 various.

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