2014 Skoda Fabia

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The 2014 Skoda Fabia is very strong and the design changes give a very attractive look. Based largely on the concept Skoda VisionD, the next generation Fabia is lighter and has a longer wheelbase. The new Skoda Fabia will be powered by the new generation of engines that include a modern TDI unit 3-cylinder 1.2-liter petrol engine and 1.2 liter with power. Both engines will increase to similar levels as the current engines, but with efficiency and provide better handling characteristics. The next generation of Volkswagen Polo, most of its components shared with the new generation Fabia and is expected to arrive at the same time.

The current generation of Skoda Octavia was released in 2007 and brought to India in the same year. The model Mark 2 (5J) also generates Roomster Scout and versions of the car. Skoda Fabia gave a mature minor facelift in 2010 and the next model Generaton highly anticipated as the Fabia MK2 is 7 years to go. Production takes place at Chakan plant of Volkswagen and the next generation is the second generation Fabia Rapid appears in 2015. Prices are expected to remain more or less the same as competition intensifies in the Indian market.

2014 Skoda Fabia hatchback was overshadowed by the success of the Volkswagen Polo and Skoda forced to work in most Fabia, which could be restored in 2014. The detailed description of what the new Skoda Fabia and is taken as the Internet. The platform is Skoda Fabia in 2014, when the former PQ24 platform will be replaced by the new MQB platform will be updated. This new platform MQB with the attributes of the divided parts, and architectural advantages over time and thus save costs, the vehicle will thus generated sequence.

This 2014 MQB platform allows the 2014 Skoda Fabia to be much easier compared with the existing version, while the wheelbase will last longer. Due to the longer wheelbase, the 2014 Skoda Fabia is a larger trunk, which has a capacity of 350 liters of luggage will have to be equipped. The machine is under the hood with upgraded engine, both petrol and diesel variants. The TSI turbo petrol and 1.2-liter turbo diesel 1.2-liter TDI will be raised prior to deposition in the car. However, the transmission is not any kind of up-gradation and is not be replaced by something better than the existing Fabia.

The architecture of 2014 Skoda Fabia is the other important factor that will ensure that a large number of potential buyers will be attracted to just a glimpse of him. The new hatchback is based on the latest ” A Vision” design philosophy is based Skoda. Here is the car with a cooler and C-pillar taillights designed, sure to capture the attention of the public are given. The front grille is new, with a set of headlights that stretch so jocundly. With this type of approach to design, it seems that the entire party is in favor of the Skoda Fabia, Volkswagen Polo, which may also have to get yourself a facelift to keep your POSITIONIN acquired higher premium hatchback segment in the automobile industry clients Change. the impatient waiting for the release of this new avatar of Skoda Fabia, that will surely make a kind of luxury hatchback, but come at a price less favorably than a premium hatchback.

After discovering the VisionD concept at the Geneva Motor Show, in operation, you can expect that the next generation Fabia front-end to mimic the Superb that. The rear lamps may have thick ‘C’ shape or raked windshield. As it is a Fabia, design for call volume generous cabin. Tonneau cover could also improve in the new model.

The other area is in the expected things to be different, is the dashboard. Skoda, the interface and the backlight. Under the hood, we see an innovative event development. It is the third-and 4-cylinder engines tuned for fuel economy. VRS versions continue, but the outlook in India is weak. Skoda plans to introduce any new Fabia Hatch, on the basis of the German subsidiary of Volkswagen MQB (modular transverse matrix) platform. The Czech hot hatch is not quite right in the market, and Skoda are planning for a 2014 model on the MQB platform much more successful.

In addition, the German automaker has plans to make full use of their facilities for nex-tions VW cars, including the Polo, Passat and Jetta. Also reported Skoda Fabia 2014 to accommodate a three-cylinder engine TDI improved. While the platform is MQB Fabia wheelbase longer, to maintain the length is still oriented toward the driver. VW Polo hatch is also a longer wheelbase with a length without compromise.

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The same pricing structure continues throughout the Fabia and the Polo line-up, where the car brand VW is cheaper by a few thousand. Volkswagen Polo 1.6 is deleted and the Skoda going to do this soon. Skoda Fabia Scout recently failed, have to move things to the company. At a price of Rs. 9620 rupees, the browser is no different mechanically than the standard Fabia. Even the Fiat Grande Punto Fabia sold consecutively in the last three months. The Grande Punto sold 619 units in July 2012. Rapid remain the biggest seller of Skoda Auto in India, with 1505 units sold last month. Overall, sales of Skoda India 58.46 % compared to July 2012 fell.

Skoda Fabia sales planning by reducing the price of the car to revive. The company will focus on local content to help you get aggressive with the price increase. This step will be a stop-gap method until the next generation Skoda Fabia comes in 2014. Skoda will also bring in the next generation of 2014 Skoda Fabia, along with the European Rapid in India in 2015.