2014 Skoda Snowman

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The 2014 Skoda Snowman will take place in 2014, and the second small SUV will be a continuation of the current Skoda Yeti and is expected to arrive in 2016. Skoda has been very open about its plans to launch two SUVs in the coming years. The company believes that the SUV segment is very emotional and has great range. An SUV larger than the Yeti and Yeti compact SUV below are scheduled for launch in mid-decade. Although the details of the compact SUV is still a secret, Skoda has unveiled the name of its largest SUV Yeti will sit on the company’s portfolio. The largest Skoda SUV became the snowman and arrive in 2014, while the compact SUV to arrive in 2016.

The snowman based Skoda Volkswagen Tiguan platform, the company will introduce the new design language feature VisionD concept. The snowman is based on the Tiguan has a lot of advantages to sharing is the primary component. The snowman is with the same engines found Tiguan TDI unit of 2.0 liters produces 170 horsepower and mated to a gearbox 7-speed DSG include. While Volkswagen offers two different versions of the Tiguan, Skoda doubt will do the same. Instead, the company will focus on increasing volumes of information on prices aggressively focus it, the snowman Skoda expected to be priced around Rs. 20 thousand rupees.

The Skoda Yeti uses the Mk4 and Mk5 Polo golf components and is an upgrade to 2014. These new models are essential for growth strategy to achieve Mission 2018 Skoda sales of 1.5 million units per year. India, China and Russia-These vehicles will be an important role for the growth of Skoda in the three main markets, the game to make a piece of the revenue. With these new vehicles, Skoda fact product offensive in the coming years.

Skoda Yeti is easily one of the most talented and tantalizing suggestions in the field of small SUVand broad combination of quality and affordability that many of its competitors really put it on the front of pack.However, it appears that there is need and demand for a larger SUV with seating for seven. It has been speculated that the Skoda working on this type of vehicle, but it won ` t necessarily be called Yeti. Be apart from the possibility is always the name of “Big Yeti “, most likely the Snowman.If who happens to be a real vehicle, chances ride on a stretched version of the new Volkswagen Group MQB platform that currently being used to support the Gulf, the SEAT Leon and the new Skoda Octavia.

For all we know, the snowman has more or less the same concept behind it as its own concept of Blue Cross Volkswagen previews a seven-seat SUV for the U.S. market only. There is a high probability that the two cars are very similar to those for the purpose of reducing costs, of course. This decade has seen the introduction of many SUV on the world market of almost all car companies in the world.

Following the same route in the Czech Republic luxury car maker Skoda Auto, the plan to introduce some land to increase competition and strengthen its market share in the global auto market. These vehicles would be introduced somewhere around 2-4 years from now. Apparently auto giant was in the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the company says bring at least one new model every six months, the market. It is now expected SUV launch expected to be part of the same plan of the Company. It seems that his latest SUV-The Snowman Skoda will be introduced in the global auto market somewhere in 2014. The other SUV that is likely to be a little less on the lines of the judgment Skoda Yeti would be introduced around 2016.

Sole director of the company-SUV, the Skoda Yeti is a stylish and compact, but has a very sporty and distinctive design, coupled with an aspect of great body does splendidly as seen in the Skoda Yeti pictures. It comes across a performance full and powerful 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC, 2-liter turbo-diesel, which is cooled by water and bring to high pressure directly and in a Skoda Yeti opinion expressed. This dominant motor is connected to 6-speed manual transmission fully synchronized for smoother ride. Skoda Yeti Price in India is Rs. 13:46 lakh, which is the price ex-showroom in New Delhi. The SUV is a diesel version with a choice of 2 to 4-wheel or all-wheel drive is available for selection. Skoda has announced plans to address more defined with SUV market with a couple of new models for 2014 and 2016 release dates.

2014 Skoda Snowman Sports

2014 Skoda Snowman Sports