2018 Hummer H3

March 1st, 2016 · Comments Closed · Hummer

2018 Hummer H3, as 2018 model is coming soon, if compared to the outgoing model, popular in the mid-size SUV does not bring much better: the same old strong chassis and a wider wheelbase, and less efficient fuel economy than the outgoing model. In addition, it offers an improved interior design, comfort, and much more than the last Hummer, and a more reasonable price tag. Hummer H3 2018, as we know it today, was released back in 2003 on the theme specs that pretty much remained the same to date. Unfortunately, there is no indication that the 2018 H3 will trade with profile bulky and armor plate styled after.

2018 Hummer H3 Features

The 2018 H3’s large chrome grille at the front, above the 10-plus-inch permission on the front wheels, and underbody is protected, makes it an excellent ride all types of off-road conditions. However, those same things that make such a good friend Hummer off-road conditions make it a liability in nature in the city: Early in the appearance and weight have a grip so many consumers looks for the SUV and the ability to speak parking on the streets.

Hummer H3 2018, leather bucket seats-style come with the 6-fit system and heater. And 7-inch touch screen infotainment system and other security features upscale, such as panic Brake Assist, StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System, front airbags and curtain airbags come as standard.

2018 Hummer H3 Silver

2018 Hummer H3 Silver

Cargo volume will be 25.0 cubic feet (0.71 m3). Since the safety features of the new 2018 Hummer H3’ll Electronic stability control, anti-lock four-wheel disc brakes all-and latch child-seat anchors.

2018 Hummer H3 Engine

The new 2018 Hummer H3 is going to be 5.3 liter LH8 V8 engine and 300 horses and 320 lb-ft of torque, coupled with the combination of five-speed automatic transmission. With a four-wheel drive setup, the model will have a fuel economy estimated at 13 mpg city 16 mpg on the highway.

2018 Hummer H3 Date and Price

The 2018 Hummer H3 will start showing at some time in late 2017. The 2018 Hummer H3 Release Date and price has not been announced yet. However, the balance will start from $32,000 and to climb steeply toward him in color and optional package.