2018 Lotus Elise

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The 2018 Lotus Elise is a two-seater and rear-wheel spider built from September 1996 by the British Lotus home . Lotus Elise 2018 models design follows the philosophy of founder Colin Chapman, well illustrated by the motto ” Less mass for performance benefits “: this choice has enabled a relatively low engine performance despite a relatively low engine performance, coupled with a great driving pleasure.

The true “heart” of the car is the enclosed aluminum extruded frame, a revolutionary solution in the car industry, able to guarantee high torsional rigidity and great lightness. Despite the technological evolution of the automotive world, Lotus Elise is still a point of reference for sports car lovers thanks to its unique driving experience, its performance and its design. Beginning in the year 2000, some of the more exquisite impressive coupe variants were introduced by Elise under the name of Exige.

2018 Lotus Elise Design

The task of defining style is entrusted to Julian Thomson’s inner style center, which he chooses to inspire classics of the past such as Lotus Elan, Lotus 23, Lotus Europa and Ferrari Dino 246: the latter is also the personal car of the same Thomson, which he considers to be one of the best ever-built motorsports. In the end, the Dino and the Lotus 23 are the main sources of inspiration; The result is an extremely compact car from the classic lines, recalling the 60’s racing cars. The small spoiler embedded in the rear was not initially planned, its adoption has been made necessary to reduce the rear derailment at high speed caused by aerodynamic strain discovered after analysis of a wind tunnel of a scale model of the car.

2018 Lotus Elise Cup 250 Perfomance

2018 Lotus Elise Cup 250 Perfomance

The bodywork is made of fiberglass, as the tradition for the cars of the house, a solution that allows great lightness and at the same time a good resistance. In the interiors the minimalist style prevails; there are few concessions to comfort: on Elise’s first series there are no air conditioners, no radio, no mats. The pedal is made, just like the chassis, in extruded aluminum, while the small leather-covered steering wheel is of Italian Nardi.

2018 Lotus Elise Engine

As the tradition of the brand, the high performance achieved by Elise is achieved through the search for lightness and attention to the development of the chassis. The engine chosen is, in fact, the modest Rover Series K in the 16-valve 1795 cm³ displacement valve, capable of 120 hp of maximum power; the same unit was also used on MG F and Land Rover Freelander. In spite of the characteristics other than the propulsion effect, thanks to its great lightness, the weight/power ratio of the car are better than that of so many great sports. The gearbox, also of Rover origin, is the five-speed PG1 mounted transversely. The non-servo braking system was initially made up of innovative aluminum matrix composite (MMC) discs and magnesium alloy pliers. Despite the significant weight savings provided by this solution, in 1998, MMC discs were replaced with a more traditional steel version due to cost problems and irregular wear under particular conditions.

2018 Lotus Elise Elise S

The Elise range is devoid of an accessible version since the motorized entry-level Rover came out of the list at the end of 2005 with the latest specimens leaving the assembly line early in 2006. The replacement is presented in the summer with the name of Elise S, it is aesthetically identical to the 111R except for alloy rims, the same as those mounted on the entry-level Rover. Under the bonnet, there is another 1.8 from Toyota, the 136- hp 1ZZ-FE, coupled with a five-speed C56 transmission. With a price set at 38.087 euros [49] in Italy , S costs about 8.500 euros less than R; but with the most powerful sister, in addition to cost and fuel consumption, performance is also reduced: one shot from 0 to 100 km / h requires 9 tenths of a second (6.1 vs. 5.2). The driving sensations remain unchanged, and the least powerful Elise range is recognized by many as the most suitable for everyday use.

2018 Lotus Elise Elise SC

Following the success of the 221-hp Exige S extreme sister, which has been on sale since 2006, Lotus begins to evaluate the idea of including the same 2ZZ-GE Elise’s engine bonnet combined with the Eaton M62 volumetric compressor. However, due to the size of the intercooler and the reduced space available in the Elise compartment, it is decided to opt for a different solution but capable of developing the same maximum power: the intercooler is abandoned and a different compressor is chosen, Magnuson M45.

2018 Lotus Elise Model

2018 Lotus Elise Model

Lotus Elise 2018

Lotus Elise 2018

The 2018 Elise SC, the most powerful Elise variant available in the list, is born. Stylistically the modifications to the S and R versions concern the addition of a small rear spoiler developed in the wind tunnel and new design alloy wheels. Despite the maximum power of just 20 HP higher than the Elise R’s 192 hp, the dynamic behavior of SC is transformed from a more fluid and progressive dispensing, distributed across the entire 2018 Lotus Elise engine range.