2018 Tesla Model 3

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The third generation 2018 Tesla Model 3 is the Tesla BlueStar organized by the previous business plan. The purpose vehicle expires Model E, a demand for the goal after the Ford has the mark on the “Model E” Indicate musk on July 16, 2014, That there would be “Model 3” in its place. The 350 kilometers (215 miles) – wide, the width of the width, and a very long model offers 500 miles (500 km). Tesla said that more than 115,000 people OES reserved Model 3. since April 7, the year 2016, a couple here week after the presentation, Tesla reportedly reserves at more than 325,000, more than triple of the 107,000 Model S cars sold by the end of 2015. This misleading sales sample may be over $ 14 billion.

According to the Chairman of the Deputy Chairman of Tesla,  Robin Ren, China has the second largest Model 3 behind the US. Tesla reported net reserves totaled about 373,000 as of May 15, 2016, around 8,000 after of canceling customers and about 4,200 canceling reservations with Tesla appeared to be the duplicates of the speculators. Since July 2017, Tesla reported about 500,000 reserves. Model Total Model 220 was delivered during the third quarter of 2017.

Tesla says that this is the beginning of an initial one week of production ever lived. “I am no longer Bloomberg News,” Model 3 only presenting the 100-year history of the car for the mass market. “Bloomberg reported that while the 1955 Citroën DS took 80,000, as they are more than 10 days at the Paris Motor Show, Model 3 is 232,000 reservations for a period of 2. According to the comparison, the original iPhone and reservation 270,000 trademarks, and two days. During this event, SK said all support Model 3 totally. Tesla also announced a plan to make available in Model 3 in several markets such as India, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Design

Delivery will only start in 2017 on the American West Coast and then move eastwards. Potential customers could only buy their place at Tesla stores on March 31 or online with a refundable deposit. In February 2016, Tesla indicated that the disclosure will be on March 31, 2016. Tesla and SpaceX employees received early access to Model 3 discussion and reported about 10,000 without discounts, which received the first group of cars. Current owners of Tesla vehicles will receive priority sales for employees, but for the general public, as a reward to assist in the development of Model 3. Early production is usually more defective: both Model S and Model X have several had problems at the start of their production but have since improved. On the morning of March 31, 2016, tens of thousands of people waited in line to place the r

2018 Tesla Model 3 Equipment

After the two alpha prototypes were shown in April 2016, Tesla completed the design at the end of July 2016. Tesla order parts equivalent to 300 Beta prototypes in August 2016, prepared for the development of the assembly line. Once the production line is in operation, the factory can test exemption candidates before actual production begins. Tesla started building model 3 prototypes early in February 2017 as part of the testing of vehicle design and manufacturing processes.

Tesla 2018 Model 3

Tesla said the initial accident test results were positive.In the standard version, the Model 3 battery is 50 kWh and a 75 kWh long-range battery due to the shorter wheelbase of the vehicle, relative to the larger Model S and Model X that can accommodate up to a 100 kWh battery size. The 21700-size lithium-ion cells have a higher energy density than the 18650-size lithium-ion cells used in previous Tesla vehicles, by as much as 30%

2018 Tesla 3

2018 Tesla 3

2018 Tesla Model 3 Interior

2018 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla 3 engineers working instead of Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X. The project ended in July 2016. Tesla Model 3 began to build prototypes in early February 2017 as a result of the portion was no longer a Tesla CTO test JB Straubel, Tesla in October of 2015, the largest designed automobile and production processes. Tesla reported that the preliminary results of the crash test on a good thing. According to kukaTesla, the company expects to invest between $ 2 trillion and $ 2.5 trillion primary money.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Release Date

Automobile production Limited began in July 2017, is expected to volume production in September 2017 Tesla plan to ramp up to output to exceed 5,000 vehicles per point in the fourth quarter, and 10,000 vehicles a week sometime in 2018. The first 30 units released in a special ceremony on July 28, 2017.