2018 Tesla Model S

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The 2018 Tesla Model S has an almost bare dashboard with only one centrally mounted LCD screen.  Model 3 2018 is a medium-sized, full electric four-door luxury limousine manufactured and marketed by Tesla Motors. The modern features make distinguishes the Model S from every other electric motor that is on the market is that it competes with its gas-powered rivals with performance, technology, and value, while it requires little compromise in terms of driving distance. In addition to a spacious and imaginative interior, the 2018  Model S can load speeds of zero to 60 mph in as little as 2.5 seconds and up to 335 miles on a single battery. And it achieves the achievements while it costs no more than a comparable fossil fuel-powered premium sedan.

Unlike most of the somewhat dowdily-styled EVs on the road today, Model S has a sleek yet conventional look with a coupe-like roofline similar to that of the Jaguar XF. Short front and rear hangers do not only give the Model S a clean, sporty appearance, but also allow the maximum indoor volume. Large 19 or 21-inch wheels sit on all four corners, giving the Model S a truly planted look.

As an all-electric luxury sedan with wide variety and performance that opposes or exceeds competitive models, the Model S does not have any real opponents. Other EVs, such as the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf, are in another league because of their lower price, smaller size, more modest range and lack of luxury content. Comparable gas models include the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

2018 Tesla Model S Interior

Step for the first time in Model S and you can spend a few minutes looking for a non-ignition button. The sedan is actually switched on automatically as soon as the driver sits down. The dashboard is dominated by a 17-inch touchscreen display – the biggest on the market – affecting the look and feel of an iPad. It controls everything from the navigation system to the HVAC system to the stereo while it also offers the internet search capability.

2018 Tesla Model S Interior

2018 Tesla Model S Interior

The highly customizable system can display two functions at once and has many clever touches, to open the optional panoramic sunshade, for example, simply override the car and drag the roof so far open as desired. In other respects, such as the high-quality stitching leather, softeners, and furniture, the Model S cab is all you’re looking for from a luxury sedan. In accordance with the Model Model Green theme, Tesla offers chrome-free green-brown Italian leather on the inside, and 100% recycled PET Carpet from Futuris.

Thanks to the practical hatchback arrangement, the Model S offers a surprising amount of cargo space: a crotch-shaped 26.3 cubic foot is available behind the rear seats, while a full 58.1 cube can be unlocked by folding the rear seats. In addition, there is a small trunk, the electric power system takes less space than a conventional engine, serving an extra 5.3 cubic centimeters for small items. If human transport is a priority, Model S buyers offer the option of a pair of rear suspension seats to increase seven seats.

2018 Tesla Model S Features

Each model S is standard with a digital instrument group, a 17-inch touchscreen, navigation, Wi-Fi and internet connection, keyless access, Xenon headlights, single-power windows, a rearview camera, rainbow commands, Bluetooth connectivity , power-up mirrors, a 12 volt power jack, 12-way power-adjustable front seats, daytime running lights, a lane departure warning system and parking sensors on both sides. The list of stand-alone options includes glass-panoramic roof, front and rear-view sensors, LED fog lights, a 12-speaker audio system, surrounding LED lighting, rear 3-seat seats, and an Alcantara headliner.

Tesla’s Autopilot technology is offered at an additional cost. As its name implies, Autopilot allows the S to drive itself in stop-and-drive traffic and at highway speed. A function called Summon allows the S to park itself, and to automatically open and close the car door. Autopilot-equipped Tesla motors also brake automatically when they encounter a collision with another object or inevitably.

Tesla Model S 2018

Tesla Model S 2018

Buyers also have a few option packages to choose from. The Smart Air suspension package includes a customizable air suspension that offers an optimal combination of handling of comfort and convenience. The Subzero Weather Package adds heated rear seats, wiper blade defrosters and spray nozzles come as standard for 2018 Tesla Model S.