2018 Tesla Model X

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2018 Tesla Model X is an electric car manufactured by Tesla Motors. The 2018 Model X is a four-wheel drive crossover utility vehicle (CUV) with 7 seats arranged in three rows. The 2018 Tesla Model X is equipped with traditional doors for access to the front seats, while the two rear rows are reached via doors that swing out and out.

The prototype of Model X was presented at Tesla’s “design studios” in Los Angeles, February 9, 2012. Model X is built on the same platform as Tesla Model S and is manufactured at Tesla’s factory in California. The first cars were delivered in September 2015. Norwegian car delivery is expected to start in early 2016.

The 2018 Tesla Model X is a 5-door electric propulsion SUV, produced by Tesla Motors since 2015. A prototype was exhibited for the first time in Tesla design studios in Los Angeles on February 9, 2012. The first cars were delivered on September 29, 2015, during the launch of the Model X. Tesla Model X was marketed initially by Tesla for the first months of 2014 but, in order to reach the target of producing 20,000 Model S in 2013, the start of production was postponed by the end of 2014.

In November 2013, it was announced that production would begin in the second quarter of 2015 and, in November 2014, the first X-models were delivered for the third quarter of 2015. The first cars were delivered on September 29, 2015, during the launch of the Model X. There are three versions of the Tesla Model X, all of them with integral traction: a 75 kWh version, one 100 kWh, and a performance version, always 100 kWh.

2018 Tesla Model X Equipment

One of the particularities of the Model X is its rear doors called falcon, these articulated doors open vertically thanks to an electric motorization and deploy in an arc optimized according to the available space. This allows the manufacturer to have easier access to the rear seats than with traditional doors and to request 30 cm of side space to open. Ultrasonic sensors detect any obstacles to limit the opening.

2018 Tesla Model X P100d

2018 Tesla Model X P100d

The windscreen, the upper part of which is equipped with a sun protection, is very wide and allows a panoramic view of the sky. The car is also equipped with an air purifier to remove pollen, bacteria and viruses 6. A ” Bio-weapon Defense ” mode is available, which according to the CEO of Tesla would protect against a biological attack

2018 Tesla Model X Batteries

The Tesla Model X batteries are made up of thousands of 18650 Lithium-Ion cells supplied by Panasonic since the beginning of its commercialization. The battery is on the floor, saving space inside and increasing the volume of the boot. To protect its battery, the Model X has an aluminum shield plate of 6 mm thickness.

2018 Tesla Model X P100d

2018 Tesla Model X P100d

Tesla Model X 2018

Tesla Model X 2018

The cells weigh between 47 and 50 grams and all have a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. The composition of the battery pack of the 2018 Tesla Model X differs according to the capacity, and the capacity of the base cells has also evolved as the material.

2018 Tesla Model X Safety

The Model X was designed to be one of the safest SUV in the world. In the NHTSA crash tests, he got 5 stars. It also obtained among all the SUV the less deformation by lateral collision against a pole and the less propensity to the rollover.

As standard, it comes equipped with active safety ( Active Safety ) that is active all the time and provides the front emergency braking. Using the radar and cameras you can stop the car to avoid colliding with the car ahead. Evasion of lateral collisions. 2018 Tesla Model X is using the ultrasonic sensors the car can turn the steering wheel to try to avoid a side collision.