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The Acura Legend is manufactured by Honda sold in the USA, Canada and China under Honda’s luxury brand Acura 1986-1996 both sedan and coupe full-size luxury car. It was the first flagship sedan under the Acura nameplate sold until it was renamed in 1996 as the Acura 3.5RL. The Acura Legend 3.5RL was North American version of the series KA9 Honda Legend.

The opportunity for the Japanese producers to export more expensive models with the 1980 voluntary export restraints had revealed negotiated by the Japanese government and US Trade Representative, restricting mainstream car sales. The initial success of Legend and Acura Division Honda’s competing with established European and American luxury manufacturers would, Toyota and Nissan lead the creation of Lexus and Infiniti brands to compete in each case in the luxury car market.

Acura Legend First Generation

Honda introduced the model in Japan October 22, 1986 its leading luxury model and in North America in 1987 as the top of the line model for his then-new Acura lineup. Sedan models on the market came first, powered by a 151 hp (113 kW) 2.5 L V6 Coupe C25A with its first appearance in 1987, powered by a new 161 hp (120 kW) 2.7 L C27A engine. Sedans received the new engine for the year 1988.

The Acura Legend was the first production vehicle Honda to offer a V6 engine. The Acura Legend was the result of a joint venture with the British Austin Rover Group called Project XX, which started signed in November 1981 with the Austin Rover-Honda XX memorandum of understanding between the two companies, the rover to replace SD1 and offer a luxury vehicle for Honda. The rover had showed an excellent reputation as a luxury car in the UK and Europe, with the Rover P6, and Honda wanted to introduce a luxury car for the domestic Japanese and the United States market. The joint development produces the legend and the corresponding British version was the Rover 800 series, which was fought under the Sterling brand in the US badged with the legend.

Acura Legend Second Generation

Second generation units became available October 24, 1990, now with a 200 hp (149 kW) SOHC (C32A) engine mated to a standard 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 4-speed automatic. The second generation Legend was a tall, slender-looking car. The design was called “hull shape” and had rear wheel drive proportions, which were due to the use of a longitudinally mounted engine; unusual for front-wheel-drive cars. The Acura Legend offered a variety of functions on luxury cars of today, including dual front driver & passenger airbags, speed-sensitive steering, hands-free, automatic climate control, heated leather seats, heated mirrors, four-wheel ABS disc brakes saw, belt tensioners and soft Close, Vacuum-operated doors.

The rear end of the saloon was adopted by the Legend coupe first generation than the first generation sedans appearance was very similar to the first generation Subaru Legacy and Honda wanted a visual appearance of both the Legend coupe and sedan for aligning Acura NSX. The segment of the legend was originally filled now by the Honda Vigor, which does not allow the legend to position itself more towards the rear drive Lexus LS and the Infiniti Q45 sedans. Honda has decided to upgrade the size of the engine to a V8 because it is the Acura NSX that a V6, which has introduced Honda’s VTEC technology background were pushed.

Acura Legend Gallery

Acura Legend 1995 Coupe

Acura Legend 1995 Coupe