Acura RDX

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The Acura RDX is Acura’s first compact luxury crossover SUV, the acquisition of the Acura MDX as Acura entry-level crossover SUV, the Acura RDX grew in size and price. Originally known as Acura RDX Concept Car preview, production of Acura RDX had its debut at the 2006 New York Auto Show and went on sale on 11 August 2006. A facelift model 2010 went on sale in August 2009, the adoption Acura plenary power grid seen on his sedan models. Front-wheel drive was also added.

Acura RDX Interior

The Acura RDX seats five and comes standard with leather seats, a sunroof, automatic climate control, and all the expected performance features. The Acura RDX 7-speaker audio system features an in-dash six-CD changer, which is able to play standard audio CDs and burn data CDs with MP3 or WMA files, also plays DVD-A type CDs. The Acura RDX sound system includes XM Satellite Radio with a free 3-month subscription.

Much of the inner technology is introduced in the RL sedan found in the optional “technology package”. This package contains the latest version of Acura Navigation System, complete with a rear view camera, XM Nav-Traffic Real-time traffic monitoring and Zagat restaurant reviews. The package also offers a 10-speaker ELS surround audio system with DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound. The audio system plays DVD-Audio discs as well. Both stereo systems are equipped with a 1/8 “AUX input that will be used to can be used in external sources such as iPods connector. For 2007, Acura also offered an iPod adapter for the Acura RDX, which was connected in the glove compartment, and allows to control the iPod through the Acura RDX sound system interface. by the hardware incompatibilities of the Honda / Acura iPod music link has been set in the 2008 model year 2010+ models come standard with a USB connection, the interface with Apple inc. iPod included players and other USB mass storage devices such as flash drives, MP3, WMA6 or AAC music files while stored in the center console.

Almost all of the ELS sound system operations can use your voice as well as most of the operations for the navigation and climate control systems are activated. In addition, the vehicle will interact with most Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones. The driver can initiate or receive calls via voice command. During the call, the sound system is muted and steer the conversation through the speakers while callers and signal information displayed in the instrument cluster.

The tailgate opens over six feet tall and 60/40 backrest folded down for a flat load floor. A hard luggage compartment cover can fit flush on the floor when not in use and is reversible wear wet or dirty cargo. The cabin has several storage areas with a lockable center console that can hold a standard size laptop. The cargo area is small compared to most competitors and do not have the adjustable charging tracks or parcel shelf.

Acura RDX Engine

The first generatlion Acura RDX is powered by a Honda very few turbocharged gasoline engines. The 2.3-liter inline 4 K23A1 engine has an all-aluminum construction, an i-VTEC head and dual balance shafts. It is also one of the few four-cylinder powered luxury SUV. A variable flow turbocharger Honda reduces turbo lag by using a valve to narrow the exhaust channel in the lower speed, thereby increasing the speed of the exhaust flow and keep the turbine spinning rapidly. At higher speeds the valve opens to allow more exhaust gas flow for increased thrust. The engine also features a top-mounted intercooler, the air gets transferred from the grid through pipes under the hood. At 6000 rpm with a peak torque of 260 ft · lbf (350 N · m) at 4500 rpm, the Acura RDX motor (243.3 hp 179.0 kW) rated at 240 hp. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated fuel economy is 19 mpg-US (12 L / 100 km, 23 mpg-imp) city and 23 mpg-US (10 L / 100 km, 28 mpg-imp) highway miles per gallon. Driving style and terrain plays an important role in fuel consumption of this vehicle. Uphill driving, frequent lane changes and sudden accelerations turbo to increase usage to increase the torque output to the SH-AWD system and thus to significantly higher fuel consumption. New newer EPA mileage estimates, as of February 2007 are 17 mpg-US (14 L / 100 km, 20 mpg-imp) city and 22 mpg-US (11 L / 100 km, 26 mpg-imp) highway. The fuel required 91 octane unleaded premium.

The Acura RDX is enabled by default with a five-speed automatic transmission with Sport Shift Acura sequential manual shift capability of steering wheel controls. The paddles can be used in drive (D) to return a gear change with the transmission in automatic mode, once the vehicle make again a steady state cruise. The Acura RDX Sport (S) setting has higher shift points and downshifts quickly, and using a paddle in “Sport” puts the transmission immediately fully manual mode. The Acura RDX has also seen a version of Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), first on the flagship Acura RL sedan. The system can vary the front / rear torque split of 90/10 to 30/70, depending on whether vehicle is accelerating, cruising, hill climbs, a curve or encountering poor road conditions. When a curve, a pair of magnetic flux clutches in the rear differential can transmit 100% of the available rear torque to the outside wheel. The torque transmission, combined with a 1.7% return over-rotation of the rear wheel helps turn the Acura RDX by a curve.

Acura RDX Safety

The Acura RDX is the second Acura vehicle to have absorb energy of a collision, the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure which is intended. The Acura RDX comes standard with six airbags, including dual front airbags, front side airbags and two side curtain airbags. The front airbags uses a dual-threshold, two-stage technique of each of the airbag deployment depending on the degree of impact and the driver’s or passenger’s seat belt can adjust the timing and speed. If sensors keep the passenger is too small, the front airbag is designed to implement it. Passenger side airbag is disabled if a child or small adult stature leaning into the airbag deployment path. In the event of a sufficient side impact or roll-over of the side curtain air bag is composed of the door frame on the affected side, with cover both the front and rear occupants of the page, and remains there for more than one inflated collision.

Acura RDX 2013

Acura RDX 2013

The front seats are active head restraints and their seat belts equipped with pretensioners and force limiters. Since November 2006, the Acura RDX is crash of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been tested, resulting in a perfect “5 Star” rating for driver and front passenger frontal collisions, and front and rear side-impact, along with “4 Stars” for rollover.