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The Chrysler Group LLC is an American automobile manufacturer headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and owned by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat. Chrysler was one of the “Big Three” American automakers. It sells vehicles worldwide under its flagship brand Chrysler and Dodge, Jeep and Ram. Other major divisions include Mopar their automotive parts and accessories and SRT division, its performance automotive division. In 2014, the Chrysler Group LLC’s seventh largest automobile manufacturer in the world. From production. The Chrysler Corporation was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925 from the remnants of the Maxwell Motor Company. Chrysler strongly in 1928, acquired the Fargo truck company and the Dodge Brothers Company and began selling vehicles under these brands in the same year, it also established that extended from Plymouth and DeSoto car brands than it.

In the 1960s, the company expanded into Europe, creating the division Chrysler Europe, formed from the acquisition of French, British and Spanish companies. In the 1970s, a number of factors, including the oil crisis of 1973 on sales of Chrysler, and in the late 1970s, Chrysler was on the verge of bankruptcy and forced their withdrawal from Europe in 1979. Lee Iacocca was taken as CEO and credited the company’s return to profitability in the 1980s. 1987 Chrysler acquired American Motors Corporation (AMC), which brought the profitable Jeep brand under the Chrysler umbrella.

To form merged in 1998 Chrysler with German automaker Daimler-Benz AG and DaimlerChrysler, the merger proved controversial with investors and Chrysler sold to Cerberus Capital Management and was completed in 2007. Like the other three major automaker Chrysler LLC renamed Chrysler hit hard the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010 for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings filed on 30 April 2009. on 10 June 2009 Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy with the United Auto Workers pension Fund, Fiat, and the American and Canadian governments principal owner. In the next few years and after Fiat shares of the other parties acquired in removing much of the weight of the loans in a short period of time. By May 24th 2011, Chrysler repaid what it borrowed from the US government for 5 years without early.

On 1 January 2014 Fiat SpA announced an agreement to acquire Workers retiree health the rest of Chrysler by the United Auto confidence. The transaction was carried on 21 January 2014 so that the Chrysler Group, a subsidiary of Fiat SpA In May 2014 Fiat Chrysler cars, NV by merging Fiat SpA in the company. Chrysler Group, LLC is a subsidiary. This property was completed in August 2014.

Chrysler History

The company was founded by Walter Chrysler Chrysler (1875-1940) on 6 June 1925, when the Maxwell Motor Company was in the Chrysler Corporation reorganized. Walter Chrysler came to the ailing Maxwell-Chalmers company in the early 1920s. He was commissioned the company to overtake the difficult operations. The end of 1923 the production of the Chalmers was stopped car.

In 1924, Walter Chrysler launched the well-received Chrysler automobile. The Chrysler was a 6-cylinder car, designed to provide customers with an advanced, sophisticated car but at a lower price than they expect.  The original 1924 Chrysler included a carburetor air cleaner, high compression, pressure lubrication and oil filter has missing most of the cars at the time. Among the innovations in the first years of the first practical four-wheel hydraulic brakes series, a system was almost fully assigned by Chrysler with patents to Lockheed developed and rubber engine mounts to reduce vibration. Chrysler also developed a wheel with a serrated edge, designed to fly off the wheel to keep a flat tire out. This wheel was finally adopted by the auto industry worldwide.

After the introduction of the Chrysler brand Maxwell was dropped after the model of 1925. Which led to 1926 years of new, lower-priced four-cylinder Chryslers were badge-engineered Maxwell. The advanced technology and testing that went into the Chrysler Corporation cars helped the company specializes in the runner-up position in the US to push sales in 1936, a position it would take hold in 1949.

In 1928, Chrysler Corporation, Division of dealer began by price range and function. The Plymouth brand was (essentially to work through again and rebadging four-cylinder model Chrysler created) on the cheap end of the market introduced. At the same time, the DeSoto brand in the medium price field was introduced. Also in 1928, Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers automobile and truck company and continued the successful line of cars Dodge Fargo range of trucks. Until the mid-1930s, the DeSoto and Dodge divisions would replace in the corporate hierarchy.

The Imperial name was used since 1926, was never an own brand, only the top-of-the-line Chrysler but. In 1955, the company, the spin-off decided as a separate brand and business in order to better compete with its competitors, Lincoln and Cadillac. On 28 April 1955 Chrysler and Philco had announced the development and production of the world’s first all-transistor car radio. The all-transistor car radio Mopar model 914HR, was developed and produced by Chrysler and Philco and was a $150.00 “option” on the 1956 Empire car models. Philco was the company that had an all-transistor car radio Mopar model 914HR made, beginning in the fall of 1955 in his Sandusky Ohio plant, for the Chrysler Corporation.

On September 28, 1957 Chrysler announced the first production of electronic fuel injection (EFI) as an option for some of his new car models 1958 (300D Chrysler, Dodge D500, DeSoto Adventurer, Plymouth Fury). The first attempt to use this system was American Motors in 1957 Rambler Rebel. Bendix Corporation Electro-jector using a transistor computer brain modulator array, but teething on pre-production cars meant very few cars were made. The EFI system in the Rambler was going well in warm weather, but suffered heavily from cooler temperatures and AMC decided this EFI system to use on the 1957 Rambler Rebel series vehicles that were sold to the public. Chrysler also the Bendix “Electrojector” injection system and only 35 cars were built with this option on the 1958 production car built models.

Imperial would be new body styles every two to three years on the market, all. With V8 engines and automatic transmissions as well as technologies that would filter on other models Chrysler Group Kaiser was folded back into the Chrysler brand in 1973. The Valiant was introduced for 1960 as an independent brand. In the US market Valiant was a model in the Plymouth line for 1961 and the DeSoto make was in 1961, with these exceptions apply sold per year and the market, Chrysler range from lowest to highest price from the 1940s through the 1970s was Valiant, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler and Imperial.

1985 Chrysler entered into an agreement with American Motors Corporation (AMC) on M platform Chrysler Dodge Omnis rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive cars in AMC, Kenosha, Wisconsin to produce work. 1987 Chrysler acquired the 47% stake in AMC, held by Renault. The remaining shares of AMC were purchased on the NYSE on 5 August 1987, so that the business somewhere between US an estimated $1.7 billion and $2 billion depending on how the costs are counted. Chrysler Lee Iacocca wanted the Jeep brand, especially the Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ), which was in development, the world class brand new manufacturing facility in Bramalea, Ontario, as well as AMC engineering and management talents, which was for Chrysler’s future success.

Chrysler founded the division Jeep / Eagle as “specialty” arm significantly to market products from the K-car-based products with eagle import cars targeting buyers. Former AMC dealer sells Jeep vehicles and various new Eagle models and Chrysler products, strengthening the retail distribution system of the car manufacturer.

1998 Chrysler and its subsidiaries a partnership called a “merger of equals” with headquarters in Germany, Daimler-Benz AG entered, the creation of the combined company Daimler Chrysler AG. To the surprise of many shareholders, Daimler Chrysler subsequently earned a share exchange, before the departure of CEO Chrysler Bob Eaton. His lack of planning for Chrysler in the 1990s to become their own global automotive company, is widely regarded as the reason why the merger was needed accepted. Under Daimler Chrysler, the company with the name of Daimler Chrysler Motors Company LLC and its US operations generally as “DCX” was. The Eagle brand was shortly after Chrysler merged with Daimler-Benz in 1998 Jeep became an independent department retired, and efforts were made to merge the Chrysler and Jeep as a sales unit. In 2001, the Plymouth brand was also set.

On May 14, 2007, Chrysler Daimler announced the sale of 80.1% of Chrysler Group to American private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, LP, then as Chrysler LLC, although Daimler (Daimler AG renamed) further 19.9% stake , The crash of 2007 – 2009 pushed an already fragile society to the brink. On 30 April 2009, the automaker filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a position as a going concern to be during the renegotiation of the debt structure and other obligations. The US government measures the company described as “pre-packaged surgical bankruptcy.”

The sale of substantially all of Chrysler assets “New Chrysler” as Chrysler Group LLC was organized completed on 10 June 2009. The federal government supported the deal with 8 billion US dollars in funding in the vicinity of 21%. Under Sergio Marchionne, “World Class Manufacturing” or WCM, a system of complete and thorough workmanship, was introduced, and several products with quality and luxury reissued. The 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee very soon the most awarded SUV – Always. The Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler SRT and departments were separated refreshed on their own identity and brand, and 11 large model appeared to concentrate in 21 months. The PT Cruiser, nitro, freedom and Caliber models have been set. On 24 May 2011 Chrysler repaid its $7.6 billion loan to the US and Canadian governments. As a full 5 years earlier, this is the only “bailout” which earned US taxpayers a profit.

21 July 2011 Fiat bought the Chrysler shares held by the Treasury of the United States. With the purchase, Chrysler was again foreign-owned, but this time was the Chrysler luxury division. The Chrysler 300 was badged Lancia in some European markets, which Lancia a much-needed replacement for its flagship. Announced on 1 January 2014, Fiat, it would acquire the remaining stake in Chrysler VEBA worth $3.65 billion in possession. The transaction was completed a few days later the proposed reorganization of Fiat and Chrysler under a new holding company, Fiat Chrysler cars, were announced along with a new FCA logo on January 21, 2014. The biggest challenge for the launch of this new company came immediately in January 2014. a completely redesigned Chrysler 200. Creation of the vehicle from the fully integrated companies, FCA, performing a wide global compact platform.

Chrysler Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The produced by Chrysler’s first electric vehicle was the 1992 Dodge EPIC concept minivan. In 1993 Chrysler, but a limited production Tevan called electric minivan produced only 56 were sold. In 1997, a second generation, the so-called EPIC was published. It was discontinued after 1999. Chrysler is one of the Global Electric Motorcars company, building low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles, but sold to GEM Polaris Industries in 2011.

Chrysler to set up new drive concepts through ENVI, in-house organization to track focus on electric vehicles and related technologies, which was founded in September 2007. In August 2009, Chrysler US has raised $70,000,000 by the form of grants from the US Department of Energy to develop a test fleet of 220 hybrid pickups and minivans. ENVI was dissolved in November of 2009.

The first hybrid models of the Chrysler Aspen Hybrid and Dodge Durango Hybrid was set a few months after production in 2008 to share their GM hybrid technology developed with GM, Daimler and BMW. Chrysler is on the advisory board of the PHEV Research Center, and undertook a government-funded demonstration project with Ram and minivan vehicles. In 2012, said the CEO Chrysler / Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler and Fiat both plan to concentrate on alternative fuels such as natural gas and diesel instead of hybrid and electric powertrains for their consumer goods.

Chrysler Sales

Chrysler is the smallest of the “Big Three” US automakers (Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors). In 2013, Chrysler sold 1,800,368 vehicles, up 9% since 2012, and the fourth largest sales behind GM, Ford and Toyota. Sales of Chrysler have fluctuated over the last ten years. In 2007, sales reached 2,076,650, falling to 931,402 units in 2009, the company has the worst result in decades. It is reported that Chrysler was hard to fleet sales in 2010, reaching as high as 56 percent of total sales in February this year. For the full year, 38 percent of the sales of Chrysler were to fleet customers. The industry average was 19 percent. However, the company hopes to reduce its fleet sales to the industry average in 2011 with a renewed product range.

Global sales: Chrysler is the world’s 11th largest vehicle manufacturers such as by OICA in 2012. A total of Chrysler vehicle production in 2010 was about 2.37 million square this year, compared with 1.58 million.

Chrysler Marketing

Began in 2007 Chrysler vehicle’s lifetime powertrain warranty for the first registered owner or tenant retail offer. The deal covers the owner or lessee in the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands 2009 cars and 2006 model year bought for model year 2007 and 2008 vehicles on or after July 26, except in 2007 covered vehicles SRT models, diesel vehicles, Sprinter models Ram chassis Cab trucks, hybrid system components and certain fleet vehicles. The warranty is not transferable. After restructuring of Chrysler warranty program of five-year / 100,000 mile above transferable warranty for the year 2010 or later vehicles were replaced.

In 2008, in response to customer feedback citing the prospect of rising gas prices as a top concern, Chrysler launched the “Let’s refuel America” incentive campaign, the buyers of new cars for three years guaranteed a gasoline price of $2.99. With the US purchase of eligible Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles that customers could in the program and receive a gas card that instantly lowers their gas price of $2.99 per gallon, and keeps it there for three years.

The Chrysler plans for Lancia, products co-develop, with some vehicles shared. Olivier Francois, Lancia CEO, was the Chrysler division in October 2009. Francois plans, the Chrysler brand as an upscale brand re-appointed. In October 2009, Dodge car and truck lines were separately used with the name “Dodge”, the vehicles located for cars, minivans and crossovers and “Ram” for light and medium-duty trucks and other commercial operations.

Chrysler Logo

Chrysler Logo