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The Ford Escape is a compact crossover vehicle from Ford Motor Company introduced in 2000 as a 2001 model year and priced below the Ford Explorer sold. Although technically a crossover vehicle, it is marketed by Ford as part of its traditional SUV lineup rather than its separate crossover lineup. The Escape is sold in Europe as the Ford Maverick. It was jointly developed with Mazda, in which Ford had a controlling interest, and was released simultaneously with the Mazda Tribute. In the United States, Ford Mercury division released a luxury version called the Mariner starting from the 2005 model year, but ended production in October 2010 as Ford ended the Mercury brand.

2001-2012 Ford Escape on the CD2 platform, which in turn built on the basis of the Mazda GF platform, which was used by the Mazda 626th But the 23 June 2010, announced that Ford to end production of the second generation Escape in 2011 and move its production Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville, Kentucky, where he is to be replaced by an American version of the European CUV counterpart, the Ford Kuga. The third generation of the Escape debuted in April 2012 as a 2013 model year based on the new global C, which also supports the latest generation Ford Focus.

A hybrid version of the Escape was released in 2004 and became the first hybrid SUV. Early 2012, Ford stopped production of the hybrid version of the two sections of the 2,013 flight use turbocharged EcoBoost technology offers fuel consumption as a hybrid in 2012. A total of 122,850 Escape Hybrid were built since 2005

The first generation Ford Escape was released in North America for the model 2001. Is among the major browsers, slotted truck based on Ford ‘s lineup, but was larger than the small SUV offers from Honda and Toyota. At the time, most sport utility vehicles have a body-on-frame construction of the truck-based. Solid rear axles were commonly used to carry heavy loads at the expense of a comfortable ride and good handling due to its ability. Ford realized that most initial SUV owners did not take their vehicles off road, and decided instead to use a car-like unibody design with an independent suspension and rack and pinion steering for the Escape. Although not designed for heavy off-road, was all-wheel-drive (AWD) delivered in full-time Dana optionally containing a locking center differential with a switch on the dashboard activates. The AWD system normally sends most of the engine power to the front wheels. If slippage is detected in the front, the more power transmitted to the rear wheels in a fraction of a second. The entire braking system was built by Continental Teves including the ABS and various related suspension components. CKD production began in 2002 at Ford Lio Ho Motor Co. in Taiwan for various Asian markets

The second generation Ford Escape debuted in 2006 Los Angeles International Auto Show. The Flight North American market and its Mazda Tribute/Mercury Mariner siblings were redesigned in order to remain competitive with other new compact SUVs, but has been extended for the 2008 model year, most of the inmates. The escape nor the CD2 platform. Ford also an electronic stability control system standard on the run in 2008.

The updated Escape received some styling cues from the Explorer, Edge and shipping. The changes include a new grille with larger headlamps in the front section, while the sides were revised with clean lines and around the wheel arches. The interior was also completely redesigned, including most recently the standard Ford family navigation. 2008 Escape and Mercury Mariner sibling were the first vehicles to compensation function pull-drift direction of Ford, a possible improvement by the application software control for electric power steering (EPS). A new concept version for the Asian market, called the Ford Escape Adventure Concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. It has a revised front and rear aprons, three-Ford grille style theme includes LED taillights and new design.

The second generation of the Ford Escape Hybrid received some tweaks style inside and out. The major cosmetic changes include a new bumper, grille, headlights and taillights to match the new style Ford Edge. However, the transfer was essentially the same mechanics, but has major software changes. For 2009, a larger engine, more powerful was introduced, together with a revised suspension and stability control, the debut of the voice recognition ” sync” and a system of capless fuel filler. The batteries and other hybrid components in a Hybrid Escape in 2009 added about 136 kg to the vehicle. However, the extra weight was blamed for a negative impact on handling. Moreover, since 2009, rear disc brakes were replaced previous drum brake, which has been criticized as a “step backwards strange”.
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