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November 8th, 2013 · Comments Closed · Skoda

The Skoda Citigo is one of the cars featured on the city street, was crowned Auto Express Car of the Year in 2012 and won Best City Car in the 2013 Awards.  What you think is best is a matter of personal opinion, but in our eyes, the Skoda Citigo is the best aspect, and the fact that its list prices mean both the seat and Volkswagen versions undermines your best value, too. Features of the entry-level models are fairly simple, but there are many options and a range of equipment options to ensure that you have a car with all the extras you want. What really sets the Skoda apart from its rivals, but the driving experience. It fits perfectly into the city and urban traffic, as expected, thanks to its compact dimensions and light control.

However, the Skoda is not a one-trick pony is also surprisingly comfortable, integrated and refined on the road, making it almost as satisfying to drive on one of the streets and highways, as it is in the city. Skoda has also done a fantastic job to get the most out of their small size, and Skoda Citigo interior rivals more expensive models of space and quality small car. In low operating costs of the equation and it is easy to see the appeal of the Skoda Citigo. The Skoda Citigo will be based on the VW up! But every body panel was changed and the Czech company has a shrunken -down version of his familiar face installed. Simple lines and great Skoda grille give the car a luxury, but a little boring. It is almost as striking, for example, as competitors such as the Kia Picanto or bold stylish Fiat 500th There are five trim levels available, Skoda Citigo S, Skoda Citigo SE, GreenTech, Elegance and Sport.

Skoda Citigo models are particularly simple and get black plastic exterior mirror housings and door handles. You need for higher models in the range such as sports or Citigo Elegance for desirable additions such as alloy wheels are standard upgrade and are otherwise optional. Sport versions get no extra power, but benefit from a number of visual improvements  such as lowering body strips and spicy glass for rear windows – help them look a little meaner. All versions feature a well- designed interior and sturdy construction. Air conditioning is standard on SE and earlier, and central locking with remote control. Sports and Elegance models add a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a clean portable satellite navigation system. You would not expect that a three-cylinder 1.0-liter especially tiny, but the 59bhp and 74bhp versions Citigo anxious.

In fact, there is almost no difference between the two on the road, since they have the same torque 95Nm. And while none of the versions offer lane so excited to feel faster than the numbers in the city before. You must be accelerated with force when the Citigo will do no overtaking on the highway, but even under these circumstances, the two engines quieter than the three- cylinder engines of most competitors. In fact, the refinement of the Skoda Citigo impressive on the highway, the car is so quiet and relaxed as small-car models is larger and much more expensive. Address fastball and decent grip mean participating Skoda reasonable driving though the price you pay for this agile handling is a slightly firm ride that’s even more about the sport. That said, the journey is never unpleasant. Light control, excellent visibility and a smooth gearbox make the Citigo very easy drive in congested city streets.

Skoda has an enviable reputation for reliability and customer service top notch, as the continuation of his foot to show on our customer satisfaction surveys controller power. He finished in the manufacturer’s rating second in our poll of 2013, and although we did not receive enough responses Citigo for the car owner to 100 Countdown will be added to the top, the rest of the Skoda range work very well – with Yeti and Superb first and second, respectively.  Skoda Citigo build quality is just as impressive as the more expensive models of Skoda, and feels much more solid than competitors such as the Suzuki Alto. Skoda has spared either safety kit, head and thorax airbags on both sides, plus driver and front passenger airbags waiting. The Citigo also reached a maximum of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests and pushes it to the top of its class.

In a car so shorter the long wheelbase, so the interior is impressive. Two adults fit in the rear, while the option of a five-door version of the car increased versatility. The Skoda luggage compartment is 251 liters bigger than you find in a Hyundai i10 or Kia Picanto, during all modes of getting a folding rear seat. The Skoda Citigo interior is also full of useful storage space, including a large glove box, door bins and a decent deep center console storage compartment.

Skoda Citigo Whtie

All versions of the Skoda Citigo should not cost too much to run, expect the real world fuel economy of more than 50mpg. CO2 emissions are low too, mainly equipped with the start and stop Greentech models. These fall under the magic 100g/km number so that it is free from road tax and the London congestion charge. Skoda is also working hard to keep insurance costs, particularly important as it is for younger drivers, plus there is the possibility of a prepaid service pack that is responsible for the mechanical maintenance for three years.