Skoda Yeti

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The Skoda Yeti is a compact SUV model five-seater, five-door by the Czech car manufacturer Skoda built car. It was introduced at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March, the first entry in the category of the popular SUV market. The announcement was made in late 2010 that Skoda Yeti will be built in China by Shanghai -VW in 2013. In most of the EU, the Yeti in three trim levels¬† Ambition and Track. But in the UK, is available in five trim levels, E, S, SE, SE Plus and Elegance. In India is available “active”, “ambition” and adjustments “elegance”. The carrying capacity with the rear seats ‘ VarioFlex ‘, ranging from 405 liters to 1760 liters when the rear seats are removed. He was Family Car of the Year in 2009 by Top Gear magazine. And according to the European Car of the Year website, the Yeti was placed fourth in the 2010 award. In June 2011, but the 100,000 the Skoda Yeti.

The Skoda Yeti has been awarded an NCAP safety rating of five stars in the Euro. 92 % was obtained 78 % and 46% in the test of pedestrian safety for adult occupant protection in frontal and side impact crash tests, child occupant protection. He also earned 71 % on a strong production team, as it comes with Stand and driver/passenger seat belt reminders. It also includes electronic stability control with anti -lock brakes, hydraulic brake assist (HBA), anti -lock braking system and electronic differential lock, which is now on most variants throughout Europe and optional on other standard. Protection against whiplash injuries in rear impact test was also good.

Available with up to 11 offers Yeti airbags. The drive systems include a range of engines, all of which are four-stroke, four-cylinder turbo engine and EU5 that standard petrol engines comply engines diesel fuel injection and are all direct injection common- rail turbo diesel engine with particulate filter.

Most engines are equipped with six-speed manual transmission, with a five- speed manual transmission is only for front wheel drive vehicles with TDI engine 81 kW reserved. Currently, seven-speed Volkswagen Group can direct – Manual transmission only be ordered for the 1.2 TSI. The six-speed direct shift gearbox is to be available from May 2010 to 2.0 CR diesel engine 103 HP. The all-wheel drive variants utilize the latest fourth- generation Haldex Traction multi-plate clutch to transmit drive to the rear wheels, and all the designs of the unit include the fully independent multi-link suspension, first seen in the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 to complement an independent front suspension.

Since its introduction in 2009, the Yeti has been well received by the public and the press. The Yeti has received several awards, including some high-profile and coveted. In 2009 he won the Top Gear Magazine Best Family Car. In 2010, he won the Auto Express Car of the Year Award. The Skoda Yeti also received numerous awards from the magazine Total cross country in 2011. The Skoda Yeti also appeared in the most desirable car in the car site invites Honestjohn opinion until early April 2011 and was elected the first Honest John Car of the Year.

Skoda Yeti 2013

Skoda Yeti 2013



In 2011, the Yeti appeared on the BBC’s Top Gear. Presenter Jeremy Clarkson said it was probably the best car in the world and uses 20 minutes put the Yeti program through a series of challenges in order to support its position. Because of this problem, the Skoda UK website temporarily overloaded and the Yeti was a trending topic on Twitter.