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Toyota Fortuner also known as the Toyota SW4, is a medium-sized SUV based on the Toyota Hilux. Originally assembled only in Thailand, but later also in Indonesia and other countries, the Fortuner is based on Toyota Hilux pickup truck. It has three rows of seats and is available in rear-or four-wheel drive among others. Fortuner is part of Toyota’s IMV project in Thailand, which also includes the Toyota Hilux Innova Kijang. Fortuner, meanwhile, arrived in Thailand in 2004 and raised the cost considerably more game SUV 4Runner SUV including language compared to the previous design, which always had the look of “conversion camps” about it. Developed in large part due to Thai operations of Toyota, Fortuner has piggyback on the success of the Hilux is built in a number of countries, including India, Argentina and Indonesia, while Thailand to their success has been mixed. However, in the Sydney Morning Herald, Gillard who worked for Toyota Teknikcentrum said the organization has been working since 2006 Fortuner. In fact, this Sport Utility Vehicle is designed in Thailand by Thai and Japanese engineers. However facelift version including Fortuner IMV vehicles was designed in Australia and Toyota Australia which also is responsible for developing the next generation Fortuner.

Fortuner was unveiled in Colombia in 2005 and released in 2007 as a replacement locally mounted Prado, which was under production for 9 years without any change. Prado continued its production until 2009. The new model was added in 2010, Fortuner Urbana, with petrol engine 2.7 L 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 models. In late 2011, as the example of 2012, Toyota began selling the new version facelift with new front grille, new taillights and adjusting indoor versions at the same price as the previous version. Fortuner was unveiled in South America – Ecuador in 2005 and released in 2007. Versions of the Fortuner have come from Venezuela and Thailand. There are various models released, originally only 4 x 4 and 4 x 2 options were sold by a V6 gasoline engine 4.0 L. Since 2010 2.7 L engine option has been released and the new face lift model has arrived.

Toyota Fortuner was sold from 2007 through 2009. Since 2010 the Ecuadorian government has exempted all hybrid vehicle import taxes, which reduced the number of Fortuner cars sold by the Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited have the same price with more features. Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan began importing in 2009. Pakistan have met Fortuner will be available from March 2013, as noted Pervez Ghais CEO Indus Motor Company Toyota, in an interview with Bloomberg.

Toyota launched the Fortuner in India in 2009. It is mounted on the ground Bidadi, Karnataka Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited from imported CKD equipment. Toyota Fortuner production increased by over 950 vehicles per month from the initial 500 units month.Initially only one variant sold in India of the Fortuner, which is 3.0 L Turbo Diesel Engine Common Rail, leather upholstery and climate control series. However, in 2012 India Auto Expo, Toyota launched 3.0 L 4×2 Manual and automatic transmission.

Fortuner was introduced in 2005 at the Jakarta International Motor Show. Positioned below the Land Cruiser and RAV4. Initially the Fortuner was sold in 2.7G has a seat at 2.7V. 2.7G has a car behind the wheel is offered in base and cloth interior and luxury with leather interior and premium sound system. 4-wheel drive Fortuner 2.7 is available only as a luxury model. Motor adjustment V 3.0 diesel not officially sold in Indonesia, due to tax regulations imposed on heavy vehicles and trains 4 × 4 vehicle engines having volumes of 3.0 L or more. It was mainly for markets outside of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

2.7G has a 4-speed transmission mounted directly to the two-wheel drive gasoline engine and 2.7 L. 2.7G RWD has a 4 x 4 2.7V only come with automatic transmission. 2.5G added later to the market and adds four-wheel drive is powered by a 2.5 L diesel engine giving 75 kW. It is mated to a 5-speed manual. His body has been criticized as an example of high stability, and not aerodynamic when running at full speed. Toyota Fortuner is sold in Malaysia in 2 variants – 2.7V and 2.5G. 2.7V carries a 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves, DOHC, VVT-i petrol with a maximum power of 118 kW at 5200 rpm and maximum torque of 241 Nm 3800 rpm. 2.7V only available in 4-speed automatic transmission with ECT.

2.5G has a DOHC Turbo diesel engine with a maximum power of 75 kW at 3,600 rpm and maximum torque of 260 N · m from 1600 to 2400 rpm. 2.5G was initially available with 5-speed transmission, while a facelift for the 2009 model year has been replaced with 4-speed automatic. Only 2.5 L common-rail diesel and petrol engines 2.7 L are available.


Fortuner was introduced in 2005 to replace the RAV4 and Land Cruiser. Sold in 3 variants: 2.7G has gasoline, diesel and diesel 2.5G 3.0V. 2.7G model has a 2.7 L 2TR-FE engine with VVT-i technology, which produces 118 kW at 5,200 rpm and 241 Nm of torque at 3800 rpm. 2.5G model, on the other hand, is equipped with a 2.5 L engine 2KD-FTV common rail diesel technology, which produces 75 kW at 3,600 rpm and 260 Nm of torque from 1600-2400 rpm. 3.0V, which is a variant of the above, only 4 x 4 model range. It is equipped with 1KD-FTV engine with D-4D technology, which produces 121 kW at 3400 rpm and 343 Nm of torque 1400-3200 rpm. L 2.5 4 × 2 diesel variant comes in manual and the disease directly, while the rest comes from automatic transmission only. The facelifted Fortuner was introduced in October 2011 with the facelifted Innova and Hilux. Fortuner was established in 2005 in Singapore. Some problems include parking, due to its height of 1.85 m does not fit in some car parks. Toyota Hilux also had low sales for the same reason, but sold better than Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Modified

2012 Toyota Fortuner Minor Change model was released in late 2011. the front is where much has changed as the headlights, grille and bumper. New Fortuner 2012 has a more prominent radiator grille and three horizontal slats. headlights get new projector lamps with conventional lights. housing fog lights also revised the front bumper has a wear plate too. The disadvantage of the front fascia is now more than flatter the old truck. In the past, has added new bumper and new taillights for what has been a mainstay. new clear-lens taillights get a brake light, circular, rectangular as opposed to the previous model. The interior has also undergone a subtle change, dramatic changes to the center console and steering wheel. the old version had an interior that looks quite similar to the Innova MPV. In the new version provides unique brand.

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