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Volvo S60 is a car of the D segment produced by Swedish automaker Volvo since 2000. Two generations of the sedan have been produced to date. V60 is the wagon version of the second generation S60. Volvo S60 is based on the Volvo P2 platform, which was shared with other Volvo models like the Volvo S80, Volvo V70, Volvo XC70 and Volvo XC90.

Volvo S60 was launched in 2000 as the new generation sports sedan of the company. S60 is primarily intended to compete with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Unlike its rivals, the Volvo S60 production continued for nine years and many facelifts. S60 to rest in 2005. out moldings was updated with body color side cladding and bumpers with chrome, as new headlamps replace the original with a black casing. The interior received some updates as well, with new seats, trim, and center console is updated. S60 went through the last renovation in 2008 and a body colored bumpers and door inserts larger and larger logos spaced letters “Volvo” in the past. is a new interior upholstery pattern that differs from its original format. S60 came standard with the radio unit itself Volvo, HU-650 and HU-850 optional additional unit. HU-850 unit has a power output of 525 watts and presets 3: 2-channel, 3-channel Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II Surround Sound. Four-C chassis from the S60 R became an option on some S60s. T5 engine was also redesigned 2.3 to 2.4 liter received an increase of 10 hp, Turbo surplus in Model D5 D5 Billiton also increased from 163 hp to 183 hp.

Second generation Volvo S60 (2010-Present)

The second generation S60 began production in Ghent, Belgium on May 17, 2010, with expected annual production of 90,000 vehicles. Official images were released in November 2009, and the car was publicly unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. He debuted as a 2011 model in North America. V60 is the wagon version of the S60, and was released at the Paris Motor Show in October 2010.

engine Other Volvo S60 and Volvo V60 includes four petrol engines and three diesels. existing engine is T5 T3, T4, T6 and gasoline engine and D3, D5 and 1.6D diesel engine car, the latter of which has a stop-start technology to increase engine efficiency. 2.4-liter D5 plug-in hybrid version, equipped with a 5-cylinder diesel engine with 50 kW electric motor, is slated for sale in Europe and November 2012.

Volvo S60 and Volvo V60 comes with Volvo City Safety as standard, which is the same system that equips its sister XC60. This system stops the car in case of an imminent collision in ‘Traffic City’ under 19 mph. The new security feature called “Pedestrian Detection”, available on both S60 and V60, detects people in front of the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not react in time.

This new Volvo sedan to display a new design language already seen in the Volvo XC60 concept. Be mounted on the same platform as the XC60. This new design is intended to target younger population. Nevertheless, Volvo expects to maintain its appeal to high-income customers, from the first generation Volvo S60 buyer has had a family income higher than the client BMW 3 Series.

New features include a new large Volvo iron symbol, parallel and Grille days running lamps and large spaced letters in the brand name on the back. A new safety feature, Pedestrian Detection, will be added directly apply the brakes if a pedestrian is detected in front of the car and the driver does not react in time.

On 14 and 15 October 2000, the first generation S60 T5 broke the record of 18 British land speed Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire, England. Project together with Volvo and Prodrive and covered by Channel 4 and has led car magazine. The car was standard except for safety reforms such as roll cage, cut switch on the fuel tank and additional head support for the drivers to rest in the hollow neck 2 hours between pit stops. Pitstop each with a driver change, refuel and change tires due to extreme stresses that are placed on the front outside tire.

In 2006, Time Speed ​​Motorsports entered a S60R all-wheel-drive in five runs Class SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge GT. It was driven by Michael Galati and finished 14th in the overall standings, including a win at Mosport. Since 2009, K-PAX Racing has sent two GT classes S60s, former champion Andy Pilgrim and Randy Pobst as drivers. In 2010, Randy Pobst won the GT driver’s championship while to get the GT Manufacturer Championship for Volvo. For the 2011 season, K-PAX will debut new S60s with the second generation body style at Miller Motorsports Park. Subscribe to GT Champion Randy Pobst driver will be new teammate Alex Figge.

Volvo S60 Polestar

For some years the S60 was the car factory Volvo team in the Swedish Touring Car Championship, where he finished second in the drivers ‘championship twice and won the manufacturers’ title once. From 2002-2007 there was a S60-make racing series in a number of support Swedish Touring Car Championship, S60 Challenge Cup, with 26 factory modified Volvo S60 cars.

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