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The Volvo S80 is a mid-size executive sedan from Swedish automaker Volvo Cars, and was introduced in 1998 to replace the rear-wheel drive Volvo 960 salons in the model range. Volvo S80 was built in Torslanda building in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unlike Volvo models had no real version of the first generation. the third generation V70 wagon is marketed as the estate version for the second generation S80 saloon. This is part of a major shift in Volvo products, such as large property and luxury saloon. It serves as the flagship model of Volvo.

The second generation Volvo S80, in June 2007, scored the highest “good” rating in the Insurance Institute for crash test performance of Safety for the front and rear impact and get IIHS Top Safety Pick. The second generation S80 is better engineered than the previous model, due in part to the more rigid chassis.

First generation S80 is based on the Volvo P2 platform. More than 368,000 first generation S80s were built before the introduction of the new model. The S80 was equipped with a wide range of security systems, including face and Whiplash Protection System Impact Protection System whips. S80 straight-six engine appears in the transverse mounted engine. No existing manual gearbox would fit in the engine compartment and the six-cylinder engine, so Volvo had to develop their own, M65. It also featured test environment, covering topics such as allergens textiles, fuel economy and vehicle lifecycle, from production to dismantling.

S80 was initially available with four different engines. From the range was detuned 2.4-liter five-cylinder 104 kilowatts. It was also available as compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum version (LPG). fully tuned version produces 125 kilowatts. The following was 2.9 liter six-cylinder of 144 kilowatts, 200 kilowatts then T6 and finally, 103 kW 2.5-liter diesel engine original Volkswagen turbocharged direct injection. Has 2.9 liter six-cylinder, while T6 was driven by a twin-turbo version destroked.

Volvo S80 Safety

EuroNCAP tested a first generation Volvo S80, which runs from 1998-2003. They tried LHD, 4 door saloon, in 2000, and before security pretensioners, load limiters safety features such as airbags in front, side, head and body Color Code legs showed a car pedestrian facing a very aggressive interface, which only 2 of the 4-star pedestrian safety. Despite this fact EuroNCAP state “This great Volvo is very safe and gave a good performance at all”, because good protection for adults in the car in case of collision.

The second generation S80 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show on February 28, with the sale starting June 2006. The new S80 features a new six-cylinder 3.2-liter or 4.4-liter V8 engine with four-wheel drive is available. The second generation S80 is the first Volvo sedan model will be available with Volvo V8 compact, transversely fitted with a power of 315 hp and 440 Nm of torque developed jointly by Volvo Cars engine unit Skövde and Yamaha but built by Yamaha of Japan. engine has four catalytic converters and ignition. structure had boron steel high strength for safety.

The second generation S80 2007 received IIHS Top Safety Pick Award in overall defense security. Also again in November the IIHS awarded the 2008 Volvo S80 with Top Safety Award. The new S80 is based on the Ford EUCD platform is also used for vehicles such as the Ford S-MAX, Mondeo and Galaxy large MPVs. Remote control car Volvo Personal Communicator is also optional feature with the new S80.

New features include a choice of five-cylinder D5 diesel 2.4 liters twin-turbo, 2.4-liter diesel or 1.6 liter diesel engine. Furthermore 2.5T and 2.5FT were modified to produce more power and have a lower fuel consumption. update is also included with the Yamaha V8 engine suspension-based. the car was modified to provide lower position S80, longer and wider. More chrome accents were added to the front, the rear and the doors seem S80 Executive. 2010 Volvo S80 facelift also comes with a choice between improving the comfort of standard chassis, or one of the games that offers excellent driving dynamics. 2010 S80 will be available to finance the inside S80 R-Design with an accuracy of more sporty. inside pocket has a new sports steering wheel, sports pedals, Dynamic leather seats, sport shift knob, and a new tool and a blue background. The car was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

Volvo S80 special Editions

S80 is also used as the basis for limousines, hearses and ambulances and Nilsson Special Vehicles in Laholm, Sweden. Nilsson had become the official state car of several heads of state, including one for the King of Sweden. armored version is also available in the Czech professional SVO.

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