Volvo V50

August 18th, 2013 · Comments Closed · Volvo

The Volvo V50 is a car that Volvo expected to meet the expectations of being part of the 24-35 age group was established, that have children and are looking beyond the so-called “volume producers”. And the first impressions are good, are recognizably Volvo, and has a good charge to fill with kids and cargo. Wagon But games seem to give a modern touch that can attract younger market end car buying more properties than traditional Volvo V70. The design models receive a sports body kit that helps further this cause.

The Volvo V50 is as stylish inside and out. As refreshing as a walk in the woods of Scandinavia in winter, the V50 is uncluttered place to be. With appropriate instrument stack ‘floating’, the interior has a feeling of space, quality and craftsmanship. Everything seems to be designed in order to calm conscious drivers front. “Only danger is that drivers who as host of buttons to play with just to get a teensy-weensy bit boring.

Volvo V50 Practicality

Only two in advance? Then there’s 1307 liters of space to play. Car Pack with five adults and this is reduced to 417 liters still decent. Boot is convenient. Was used for mass transport bags for the holidays and found it easy to load and unload. Roof bars included, making it easy to add or roof box luggage rack for even more. This may be the color of the car instead of more traditional assets, but Volvo has plenty of experience when it comes to building cars capable of moving their families and stuff. The handling is excellent and the ride, while not the softest you’ll ever experience, is very good too. We enjoy driving and found it very easy to live with.

The Volvo V50 engine range has been a change in the middle of life, and now has two petrol and three diesel models. In the first field, there is a 2-liter 143bhp and powerful 2.5-liter engine with 217bhp T5. Choose diesel D2 and there is a 113bhp and 148bhp and 177bhp D3 and D4. We drove the 2.4-liter D4 and a top speed of 140 mph and the ability to hit 62 mph in 8.2 seconds and really liked it. This can be a vehicle for practical and fashionable nod, but it certainly has the performance in the manga too. Depending on the strength, all engines are available with manual or five-or six-speed Geartronic automatic transmission.

Volvo V50 Operating Costs

The average fuel consumption of 48.7mpg for example, took us motoring reach economic reasons. However, this drops to T5 31.4mpg eg D2 65.7mpg and increased to 1.6 liters. Similarly insurance varies significantly between D2 and T5 models. The guarantees cover the first three years or 60,000 miles, whichever first stage is passed. You can expect the car to lose more than half their original purchase price after two years. This car is well made, inside and out. Its predecessor, the V40, is very reliable. What problems tended to be minor and the lack of unity on the road for long. Volvo V50 has been the subject of several recalls to solve any problems and accelerator braking system and gearbox.

Volvo is on the same level as did V50 S80 awarded Euro NCAP rating of four stars. In this regard, increased rigidity of the car when the car in front is divided into regions which should protect either the cabin. Rear passengers get side and curtain, while the front also get the benefit of front and side airbags. There is also a system whiplash protection.

It gets a little complicated here, as there are ES, SE, SE Lux, R car design to choose. All models are reasonably equipped, and I design models aim to make the car sportier V50 thanks to the body kit and silver roof rails. Highlights for SE models include 17-inch wheels, cruise control and automatic wipers. SE Lux adds quality premium leather upholstery as thick rugs, tub seats and folding mirrors. Car models are aimed at stopping and starting the economy and is equipped with aerodynamic alloy wheels.

Volvo V50 Sport Redesign